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As 2022 continues down the tracks, we’re watching the trends in B2B marketing tactics and strategies that organizations are applying with success. Below, we highlight three of these B2B marketing trends that you should explore and consider implementing to get more from your marketing.  


Video continues to prove itself as one of the best ways to grab an audience’s attention. As more events turn to virtual or hybrid formats and content becomes primarily digital, keeping audiences engaged is becoming more challenging. Editing down small segments of recorded webinars is a great way to multiply content and produce valuable video. Along the same lines, transcribing the dialogue from produced videos provides great raw material for blog posts and long-form written content. Other video offshoots gaining traction include Gifs, succinct animations and video ads on social media channels’ story features. 


Podcasting is an incredibly useful tool to add to your B2B marketing mix, and more and more organizations are incorporating it. Podcasts can help you reach a busy executive audience who doesn’t have time to consume more traditional forms of content. By creating a podcast, you can provide an episodic medium you can build off of. Podcasting can also help humanize your brand through the sharing of personal experiences and stories. Audiences growing more comfortable translate to conversions and stronger relationships. Without a doubt, podcasting is more popular than ever, with 37% of Americans having listened to a podcast in the past month. Reasons why podcasting is attractive include:  

  • Low equipment needs and production costs 
  • A limitless variety of styles and approaches (e.g., interviews, single host, etc.) 
  • Opportunities to incorporate different topics and key partners  

Want more information on why and how to start a B2B podcast? Check out our blog post on the world of B2B podcasting to elevate content marketing efforts! 

Influencer Marketing 

One of the newest trends in B2B marketing, influencer marketing, involves partnering with well-regarded businesses and people associated with your organization to help you build credibility and an online network of support. Think of influencer marketing as another form of online networking—building valuable connections to expand and strengthen your marketing net. B2B influencer marketing drives 11x sales ROI when added to the digital marketing mix and can help you: 

  • Connect with a larger audience. When your organization collaborates with a B2B industry leader for influencer marketing, you get the opportunity to connect with their audience and reach a large group of potential leads.  
  • Increase customer trust. Your audience remembers and trusts known industry leaders. Having influencers support your organization results in increased audience retention and trust.  
  • Rise as an industry expert and thought leader. Associating yourself with someone or some company highly respected in your industry adds validity and helps you be seen as more credible at the same time.  

Take Your B2B Marketing to the Next Level 

Applying these B2B marketing trends can give your team new traction to improve marketing efforts and set your organization up for success. It’s hard to stand out in a crowded B2B marketing landscape, so continue to test the waters by diversifying your marketing mix.  

Looking for more top trends to watch out for in 2022? Check out the other posts in our series, lead generation trends and email marketing trends! Plus, as a full service B2B marketing tech agency, we provide a variety of turnkey B2B marketing services that will take your business success to the next level. Contact us today or request a free marketing consultation.  

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