3 Google Calendar SMS Reminder Automations with TextMagic and Zapier

How to send Google Calendar SMS reminders with TextMagic

Managing schedules has become effortless thanks to digital calendars. In fact, 70% of adults rely on a digital calendar to organize their personal and professional lives. Anyone with a Gmail account can set up their Google Calendar in minutes.

More companies are now using Google Workspace to organize remote meetings. Today, we will look at some easy Zapier automations that will allow you to send Google Calendar text notifications and reminders directly to your phone.

These simple Google Calendar SMS automations will help you to automatically:

  • Send Google Calendar SMS reminders straight to your number for new appointments;
  • Receive text alerts when an event changes or cancels;
  • Receive SMS notifications whenever someone books your open Google Calendar slots;

Getting started: Connect Google Calendar and TextMagic via Zapier

To send automatic Google Calendar SMS notifications, you will need to log in to your TextMagic account and sign-up for a free Zapier account.

Connect Google Calendar to Zapier – Navigate to your Zapier dashboard -> My apps, click on Add connection and choose Google Calendar. Follow the Google authentication steps to complete the process.

zapier login screenshot

Connect your TextMagic account to Zapier – From the “My Apps” dashboard, create a new connection, and select TextMagic from the list. To authenticate TextMagic, you simply need to provide your user name and API key.

The TextMagic API key can be found in your TextMagic account under Services -> API. You can create multiple API keys on the same account.

TextMagic API key

Your accounts are set up now, so you are ready to build set-and-forget Google Calendar SMS automation.

1. Send automatic Google Calendar SMS reminders for upcoming meetings

Let’s start with a simple automation rule first. This zap is perfect if you want to send Google Calendar SMS reminders instead of email reminders for one-time or recurring events.

Test your Google Calendar SMS reminder trigger

From now on, you will receive Google Calendar text reminders before every meeting. Here’s what they will look like:

screenshot - meeting reminder

Pro tip: with a premium Zapier account, you can add an extra step to your automation and shorten Google Calendar meeting links.

2. Receive SMS notifications when new events are added to your calendar

Stay on top of your calendar, even when you’re on the move! This simple automation will send automatic text notifications for every new event added to your Google Calendar.

Example of Google Calendar SMS reminder for new events

Pro tip: You can use the same logic to send text notifications when someone cancels a Google Calendar event or deletes a recurring event.

3. Share your appointments calendar and receive SMS notifications for every booking

This SMS automation may come in handy if you’re a consultant, speaker, or faculty member. It allows your appointment slots to be booked directly from Google Calendar, without installing any third-party software.

  • First, go to your Google Calendar and create an appointment slot. The Google Calendar Appointment Slots function creates an additional view for your Google Calendar that only displays bookable appointment slots.
  • Appointment Slots in Google Calendar

  • Share your booking calendar by clicking on an appointment slot to view more details and click on “go to the appointment page for this calendar.”
  • Copy the link to your Appointments Calendar. This link can be promoted via text message, added to your email signature, or added to your website.
  • Navigate to your Zapier account. Create an automation rule to receive Google Calendar SMS reminders when someone books you.
  • Choose Google Calendar as your trigger and New or Updated Event as your trigger action. Follow all the steps and test your event.
  • Setup action for Google Calendar bookings

  • Next, you must connect TextMagic to the action and set Send Message as your action event. Customize your message, choose the phone number you want the text to be sent to, check any other additional settings, and test your flow.

Every time someone books your appointment slot, you will receive the following Google calendar SMS reminder:

booking reminder text


As you can see, everything you need to automate your Google Calendar SMS reminders is a couple of clicks away. Follow our blog for more guides that will teach you how to automate business processes using your favorite apps. If you’re new to TextMagic, sign up for a free trial account
to test all our business texting features!

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