5 Lead Nurturing Strategies to Watch Out For in 2022

Lead generation is essential for many businesses to attract new potential buyers and increase customer base. But, creating leads to drive sales is not enough and statistics prove it. The results of the Gleanster study show that 50% of the lead you make is not yet ready to buy. Moreover, according to Marketersherper, 79% of leads are never converted into sales!

So, your work should not stop at lead generation. Once a visitor is transformed into a leader, you need to nurture them on the way to the buying decision. By doing this, you are taking the possibilities from top to bottom of your marketing funnel.

Read this article to discover effective leadership nurturing strategies to follow in 2022.

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What is lead cultivation?

First, let’s define exactly what lead breeding is.

Lead Lalon builds meaningful relationships with inbound leads throughout their customer journey. To nurture their leadership, businesses are engaging them with the right content at the right time.

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Why go to nurture lead?

Now, let us identify the main benefits of lead breeding.

More sales ready lead

According to Marketo, businesses implementing lead breeding strategies produce 50% more sales-ready leads. Why is that? Relevant information about a product or service helps convert potential into high-quality leads.

High average order value

With lead nurturing strategies at work, businesses can reap the benefits of cross-selling and upsell. Informing customers about other products and services contributes to the increase in average order quality. Cherished leads make up 47% more purchases than non-nourished leads, according to a report by The Anvitus Group.

Low acquisition costs

Lead breeding strategies often involve cost-effective methods to attract potential customers. Spending less on customer acquisitions contributes to higher ROI. According to Forrester, lead breeding businesses can help reduce acquisition costs by 33%.

Build reputation

Ultimately, lead nurture helps businesses build a reputation as a thought industry leader. As companies distribute thoughtful educational materials, they gain credibility from the audience.

Here are 5 proven lead breeding strategies to follow

Now, let’s select our successful lead breeding strategies to aim for 2022.

# 1 Consider your buyer personality to create targeted content

To impress your audience, make sure your message resonates with their interests and needs right now. Understanding your unique buyer personality can help you create relevant content. To create targeted content, consider your personality interests, pain points, and marketing triggers.

# 2 Align your content with your lead’s customer journey phase

As mentioned above, the goal of lead breeding is to serve your audience with the right content at the right time. The goals of potential customers differ throughout all stages of their customer journey. So, make sure your content matches the needs of your audience at each stage.

Let’s take a look at what materials you can use to nurture your leadership throughout their journey.


At the level of awareness, people recognize their problem and look for solutions. Industry reports, white papers, and e-books can help your prospects better navigate their needs or problems.


At the consideration stage, prospects are conducting their pre-purchase research. They are aware of the options already available, and need to make the right choice. To drive your leads toward choosing your products, nurture them with webinars, including explanatory videos, case studies, and frequently asked questions, on one of these platforms.


Since the leads have reached the purchase stage, they already know the options and are ready to order At this stage, client reviews, case studies and success stories can have a tremendous impact on a purchase decision.

# 3 Personalize your promotion

According to Epsilon, 80% of customers prefer to buy from a company that offers a personalized experience.

Today, the opportunities for personalization have gone beyond naming a prospect in an email body. To provide personalized content, you can apply user behavior data. Collect this data by tracking events such as downloading a guide or abandoning a shopping cart. Based on this data, you can set up behavior-triggered emails with more valuable content or a call to the next step.

# 4 Follow the multi-channel method

Gone are the days when leadership nurturing only took over email marketing. Today, conscious marketers are following a multi-channel approach to nurturing leads. Let’s find out the best channels for lead cultivation.

Email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective channels. To engage your audience and take them further into the customer journey, it’s important to send them a variety of emails:

  • Onboarding email;
  • Deeply educational content;
  • Blog posts;
  • Follow-up
  • Regular newsletter.

Be sure to share your mailing list based on certain criteria – interests, industry or age. That way, you can provide relevant content to each group and thus get the most out of your leadership nurturing activities.

What’s great about email campaigns is the automation opportunity. Now, you can set up the email sequence in a click.

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Social media

Another effective channel to reach your leadership by nurturing communication is social media. You can distribute your educational content on Facebook and LinkedIn. Or, you can harness the power of TikTok influencer marketing.

When choosing the right social media platform, consider your audience population. If you are targeting 46-55 year olds, LinkedIn might be right for you. If you are targeting younger users, consider TikTok opportunities to distribute your content.


After that, you can re-target those who visit your website through paid advertising. Providing them with additional information or giving them a discount coupon may encourage them to place an order.

# 5 Apply lead scoring

To make the lead breeding process more efficient, consider using lead scoring systems. These systems rank your prospects for your business based on their potential value. As a result, each lead receives a numerical score. The higher the score, the more likely you are to buy lead.

When scoring your lead, consider the following:

  • User behavior (number of views and their duration);
  • Population (age, occupation, or income);
  • Preparing to hide.

Once the prospects reach the score of a salable lead, it’s time to send it to your sales team.

Unwrapping the wrapper

As you can see, active lead generation is not enough to ensure the desired sales volume. You need to nurture your leads by providing content relevant to their customers’ needs at every stage of their journey.

Want to convert a large percentage of your website visitors to buyers? Start implementing leadership nurturing strategies we’ve covered in this article today!

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