5 Steps to Create a Winning SMS Campaign to Help You Raise More Money (and Catapult Your Career)

In contrast to the traditional form of advertising, SMS And MMS Text Message Marketing Keep your message at your customer’s fingertips. But, as Spiderman’s uncle Ben once said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” In other words, there are right and wrong ways to engage with your audience, just as there are better, better and better ways to raise more money, lead your next political campaign to victory and capitalize on your career through text message marketing. Your success through an effective SMS and MMS text message marketing campaign will undoubtedly affect your career prospects.

And in this blog post, after working with political candidates, campaigners and strategists at all electoral levels, we are sharing what you need to know to win.

Why use SMS and MMS text messaging marketing

SMS marketing reaches thousands or even millions of subscribers at once and is the perfect channel for those who want to share time-sensitive promotions or information. More 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of receiptThis makes it a powerful campaign tool to reach customers

There has never been a more direct and effective line of communication than SMS text messaging for marketing. With 78% of consumers SMS is the fastest way to reach them, so it would be wise for you to maximize the effectiveness of your message by using each letter.

Some more traditional forms of marketing, such as print advertising or advertising, do not provide marketers with the luxury of immediate response that they can use to change their strategy. But it is possible through text messaging marketing. Up-to-date metrics provide timely feedback for each message sent which you can use to replicate your campaign strategies and on-the-fly methods – at little or no extra cost – until you reach your goal.

There is so much competition here that now, more than ever, it is important to use the most efficient and efficient tools available to reach customers. Mobile marketing campaigns are one of the most effective fundraising methods compared to more traditional marketing efforts, such as sweepstakes, events and auctions. We’ve found that for every dollar invested in creating and running a texting program, Tatango clients make an average grant of at least $ 5.

There You can do a lot with SMS and MMS text message marketing Outside of promotions, such as organizing a gift or contest, providing consumer support and including pictures or GIFs.

5 Steps to a Successful Text Messaging Campaign

Tatango SMS has been in the text message marketing game for over 14 years, and during that time, we’ve come up with five steps to create a winning campaign that will help you raise more money, win your next election, and advance your career in politics. .

1. Define your goals.

Before you create your campaign, answer these two important questions about what you want to get from your campaign:

What are you sending?

Why are you sending?

For example, if you are a local politician, you may be sending a fundraising call (“key”) to find supporters who are willing to donate for a cause (“why”). The message might look like this:

Lucille, if each text member pays only 10, we’ll have what it takes to win! Can we rely on you? Do it now: https://www.tatango.com/blog/5-steps-to-create-a-winning-sms-campaign-to-help-you-raise-more-money/

However, if you work for a local advocacy organization, you can send an invitation to your next big event (“key”) to entice people to buy tickets to attend (“why”). The message might look like this:

Help us save the sea! You are invited to our annual festival. Join us and buy your tickets today to support global marine conservation: https://www.tatango.com/blog/5-steps-to-create-a-winning-sms-campaign-to-help-you-raise-more-money/

Stop canceling

These examples illustrate how knowing the purpose of your campaign can help you determine the best way to use it. SMS Or MMS Text messaging to achieve your goals. Not only will this help you understand the purpose of your campaign, but it will also help your customers understand how they can participate through donations, volunteering, voting, and more.

The Tatango platform makes it easy to customize your SMS and MMS messages and incorporate your goals into your text with improved functionality. A text message campaign for fundraising will look different from a campaign to connect with volunteers. And, once you define your goal, the next step will be much easier.

2. Create effective call to action.

Make one Action call It stands out and encourages an immediate response. Bonus points that carry a sense of urgency to call to action. When your message is open on their phone, your customers have the attention of the moment. Once they close the text message, they are unlikely to return to it until they receive another message

Reminder! Today is the last day to register to vote. Don’t miss: https://www.tatango.com/blog/5-steps-to-create-a-winning-sms-campaign-to-help-you-raise-more-money/

The most successful text messages receive a response from the customer, asking a question or requesting a grant. All this can be done by clicking a button. Collecting grants has never been easier, both for the customer and You. Tatango integrates seamlessly with all fundraising software, allowing you to do everything in one place, without having to bounce across different platforms, which can save you time and money.

Need a place to start? Check out Five proven text message templates You can copy, paste and send to catapult your career by winning the election. Also, watch the video below to know the secret of increasing SMS marketing clicks.

3. Interact messages

Ask your customer to communicate your message in some way. Polling your subscribers not only gives you valuable information about your campaign but also informs your subscribers that their feedback is important and helps them feel that they are part of a larger initiative.

How do you think candidate Jane Doe performed during the debate? Answer with a number from “0” (not very good) to “10” (very good)

Similarly, you can send a survey or ask customers direct and personal questions:

We would like to ask you 3 questions which will help us to send you more relevant information Answer Y to participate.

These questions can range from a customer’s interest to their zip code, email address or other demographic information. Surveys increase interactivity with your campaign and gather valuable information about your customers, which you can use to customize future messages described in the next step.

4. Personalize text messages.

Use the information collected through sign-ups and interactions and surveys to personalize your messages, so that they are relevant to each customer. It can be as simple as using a customer’s name:

Hi Andrea, are you registered to vote? Click here to find a place near you: https://www.tatango.com/blog/5-steps-to-create-a-winning-sms-campaign-to-help-you-raise-more-money/ Thanks. Cancel Stop 2

Or use the collected zip code to target specific promotions or offers specific to your customer’s location, they will interact with your message or increase your chances of donating.

5. Use immediate feedback to increase ROI.

The chances of raising more money and catapulting your career don’t end once you hit Send. The Tatango platform dives deeper into your campaign metrics. It tracks results such as how many people received your message, clicked on your message and donated to your cause. This is an impressive feature of text messaging campaigns compared to other ad forms. Direct and instant feedback from customers can help you improve your messaging and increase your return on investment based on what you are doing or not doing. On average, campaigns see an ROI of $ 5 for every $ 1 spent on SMS text messaging.

Add Tatango to your 2021 marketing campaign

SMS and MMS text message marketing is a tool that should be added to your toolbox if you are serious about taking their campaign to the next level, defeating the competition and catapulting your career in the process. Learn more about how Tatango can help your SMS campaign raise more money, or if you have questions, Contact text message marketing experts And Tatango today.

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