7 Best PPC Agency Software to Optimize Your Workflows

As your PPC agency grows you will not be able to repeat the same manual work and tedious processes over and over again. You would rather spend your valuable time serving clients and increasing your sales, right?

Lucky for you There are several handy tools and software for PPC agencies Which can help you advance in the competition.

Whether you want to automate weekly tasks (such as reporting:Oops), Improve your ability to meet and meet the needs of your clients, or get help in landing more clients, let’s take a closer look at some of the most useful PPC tools on the market.

Better yet? Most of them have a free trial timeSo you can test them before making a full-time commitment.

Tools to improve your PPC workflow

1. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is an ad management and automation tool that can help PPC agencies manage multiple client accounts across different channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Google Advertising.

The main advantage of using AdEspresso is this Jumping between tabs and accounts saves you from spending your day.

When you start using it, you can connect your clients to their advertising accounts with a few clicks so you can reduce the number of emails typically associated with onboarding steps.

Once your client accounts are ready, you can set up your ad campaigns across channels within the platform and edit as needed.

There’s also a report generator that lets you send white-labeled PPC reports directly to clients in minutes, saving you a few hours of manual work each week if you typically have to send weekly reports to multiple clients.

Pricing: Starting at $ 49 per month


  • Manage all client ad accounts from one dashboard
  • To collect client onboarding portal account permissions
  • Automatic white label reporting

2. Spyfu

Spyfu is a competitive monitoring tool Help you discover the keywords and terms your competitors are bidding on.

You plug in a company’s website, and SpyFu will find the keywords they’re bidding on, both current and past, giving you an approximate monthly budget and how long they’ve been bidding on specific keywords.

You can use this information:

  • Inform your bidding strategy when creating a campaign
  • Add real competitor information to your client pitch deck
  • Create reports that show your client’s performance over competing benchmarks

In addition to viewing raw bid data, you can download copies of used ads and highlight keyword clusters where there are good results in the competition.

Pricing: Starting at $ 39 per month


  • Identify your competitors’ top keywords
  • Estimate the monthly budget needed to compete for keywords
  • Historical information of competing advertising accounts

3. Unbounce

Unbound is a transformational intelligence platform that has been created Helps you create landing pages that convert for your clients.

The first key feature is the smart builder. Drag-and-drop builder lets you create professional landing pages in minutes without any coding knowledge. The creator collects data from billions of conversions to give you insight into whether the title copy or format you are using will be successful in practice.

You can create templates and reuse them for multiple clients, and create your own landing page messaging using Smart Copy, an AI-driven copywriting tool, using the tips you provide about your clients and goals.

Since your PPC agency is about results, you will find the Smart Traffic feature very useful. It tracks the conversion rate of your various landing page variants and recommends disabling low-performing pages to ensure that your clients’ advertising spend returns are as high as possible.

Pricing: Starting at $ 89 per month


  • Create easy-to-convert landing pages for your clients
  • AI copywriting tools help you create compelling headline copies
  • Automatically rotate landing pages based on what is being converted.

Tools to increase your pipeline and close deals

1. Quickmail

No matter how good you are at running client campaigns, new client acquisitions won’t happen unless you work to make it happen.

QuickMail is a cool email platform Helps you reach sales potential and start more conversations via email. After you source your prospects and look up their email addresses, you can write personalized email templates and scale them to your leads.

You can use QuickMail’s features to ensure that each email is unique and personalized with your prospect’s name, company, and other details in your busy inbox.

When your email templates are ready for your promotion, QuickMail will automatically scale to your potential. If they do not answer, you can follow up with them automatically.

QuickMail also comes with a free auto-warmer plan that will improve your email delivery and ensure that your emails never fall into the spam folder.

Pricing: Starting at $ 49 per month


  • Send personalized cold emails and start conversations with qualified prospects
  • If your emails do not receive a response at first, follow automatically
  • Delivery tool to ensure that your emails always reach the primary inbox

2. Scrap

Before reaching a possibility, you need their verified email address There are various free and paid email finders on the market, but Skrapp works well and has low entry points at $ 39 per month.

Skrapp lets you find emails in a few different ways. Using extensions while browsing LinkedIn or the company’s website will scrap Show you if it can find a verified email address for your prospects.

If you have a spreadsheet with which you plan to reach, you can upload the sheet to scrap and it will add verified email address for each person, and for any other person.

Emails from sources are double-checked for accuracy to help your cold emails avoid bouncing and improve delivery.

Pricing: Starting at $ 39 per month


  • Find potential emails from LinkedIn profiles and company websites
  • Source lots of emails from a spreadsheet of prospect names and company names
  • Flag duplicate emails in your list to avoid the possibility of double-emailing

Tools to improve your daily workflow

1. Hubspot

Only if you are organized can you increase your PPC agency. A CRM, like a hubspot It’s important to stay on top of your sales pipeline and close as many new client deals as possible.

You can integrate HubSpot with your cool email software. Whenever a sales lead responds to your campaign, you can automatically create a new CRM record for them, which contains the details of the interaction.

You can add details, such as the estimated contract price, to see when your last contact with a prospect, and add reminders for key dates and moments in the sales process.

There is no limit to the team size you can include, so everyone in your agency can log in, keep your client’s records updated, and manage deals while they’re running. You can use it to keep track of interactions with existing clients to make sure the details you have are always up-to-date.

Hubspots can be expensive if you use other tools in the ecosystem, so consider PipeDrive, Copper and SalesMate if you’re looking for other good CRM options.

Pricing: Free to use


  • Connect it with all your sales and marketing tools
  • Track contracts and pipeline standards
  • Make reminders of when to follow up with the prospect

2. Japier

Zapier is an automation tool that Allows you to connect different apps. This means you can save development time and hours by creating custom workflows for yourself but still get the benefit of sales automation in your agency.

Zapier connects with Unbounce, and you can use it to trigger action when the lead interacts with your landing pages. For example, if someone fills out a contact form on your website, you can send those details to Zapier in a form for your client.

Here are some examples of workflows you can set up using Unbounce and Zapier:

This is a powerful platform for upgrading your agency workflows, and once you start using Zapier, you’ll save hours per week and potentially thousands of dollars per year in the cost of creating an in-house workflow.

Pricing: Free plans available, with plans to pay from $ 19.99 per month


  • Attach almost any software or tool you use
  • No coding knowledge is required to use it
  • Create conditional workflows that involve multiple steps and apps

Choose the right tool for your PPC efforts

There is a complete lottery tool that can help you upgrade your technical stack and run your agency more efficiently.

That said, don’t get too caught up in finding new tools to optimize parts of your workflow that don’t need to be optimized. Instead, Look for areas in your agency where you spend the most time, and see if there’s any way you can use a tool to reduce the manual work involved..

The more tools you can use to clear repeat tasks, the more you can focus on serving your clients and creating a higher ROAS for them.

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