7 Elevator Pitch Examples that Will Get Tech Buyers’ Attention

One of the reasons your product or service offer can be created or broken. It sets the precedent for the other person to be engaged in a conversation with you. So how do you present yourself during a meeting so that people want more from you?

In this article, we will present 7 lift pitch examples that will catch your audience hook, line and sinker. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a first timer, the examples we give you will cover whatever situation you find yourself in.

But before that.

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What is an elevator pitch?

In short, a lift pitch is a brief introduction about yourself, what you do and what you are offering. This is an icebreaker, a suggestion to make a meaningful connection And through it, you can arouse curiosity and leave your audience wanting for more.

You may not be aware of it, but you have given a lot of lift pitch in your life – from interviews and offers to investor meetings and business opportunities.

An elevator pitch can vary in length, but the most ideal is about 30 seconds. Because the duration of our attention lasts only eight seconds. However, these guidelines are not set in stone. Depending on what industry you are in and what you are pitching, you can make it longer. The most important thing is that it should contain the most important points that you want to say.

Another reason to contribute to a successful lift speech is to the person you are delivering it to. As a rule of thumb, you should go for the best point of contact. Related to those who are interested or what you are offering. By doing this, you will have a better chance of winning them over.

The body of the elevator pitch

When writing your elevator pitch, don’t give your business history lessons. Include only the most relevant and recent details. You will be able to do this if you carefully research who you are going to talk to You also need to understand the basics of an effective lift speech.


You have the freedom to choose how you want to be known. You can start by mentioning your name and your company. Or you can start with a good joke to break the ice. But no matter how you do it, think of it as normal and relevant – something your audience is familiar with.

Shorten the introduction and direct the point. And don’t forget your body language and eye contact.


After the introduction, talk about their pain points. This will set the stage for your solution. For example, conscientious high-quality leads to bad.

Use real-world examples so that your audience can relate. It’s much better if you are going to use their experience. Making them the star of your story will get their attention. Moreover, this practice can help them become aware of the problems they are ignoring.

The solution

The solution you come up with makes them understand why they need your skills and expertise. For example, Callbox helps you get high quality leads for your business, qualify and nurture them, and convert them into buyers.

Presenting your solution is crucial to your lift pitch success; So take the time to create it perfectly. Tune it in so that it is suitable for your audience. Share the uniqueness of your solution and why it will greatly benefit them.

Valuable suggestions

The solution is cake offering your price when icing. This is an element that will seal the deal because it will show your potential why your solution is better than the competition. Callbox, for example, is the only lead generation agency that connects prospects through six different channels.


After you present everything, your work does not stop here. When you say goodbye, you have to keep your prospects engaged. They need more. After that, be sure to exchange information.

7 Most Effective Lift Pitch To Attract Tech Buyers

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to look at some of the most effective lift pitches we’ve compiled.

Pitch # 1: Question

Technology buyers prefer problem solving. After all, that’s how innovation begins – with a question. So it makes sense, when you present your pitch in the form of a question like this:

Have you ever felt frustrated about getting converted quality leads? You have many leads but they stop after trial time. But you know what? After using 6 lead generation channels with different tools and techniques, we have tripled our sales. Have you ever tried something similar?

Pitch # 2: Statistics

Presenting technology buyers with statistics is another exciting aspect of the industry. This group has a premium to data and statistics because that’s what they use to solve a problem. Here is an example of a stat-powered lift pitch:

Did you know that only 56% of B2B companies, including the technology industry, test valid leads? Not surprisingly, many companies are still struggling to increase their sales. By quickly communicating with leads, you have a great opportunity to convert them.

Pitch # 3: Story

This type of lift pitch uses your own experience or customer testimonials to create an interesting story for the audience. This is a good strategy if you only have 30 seconds to introduce yourself.

We have a client who is having difficulty getting customers due to the epidemic. With our help, they were able to generate 73% lead, enabling retention of all their employees.

Pitch # 4: One-liner

We are not talking about clich one-liners but information or statistics that are relevant to their business. Here is an example:

Now 63% of buyers requesting your company information will not purchase for at least 3 months. Do you have any tools and techniques to guide you through the process of making a purchase?

Pitch # 5: Talking to a business owner or entrepreneur

Business owners are more cautious about new investments than C-Suite. If you want to win them over, use examples related to their business as you present problems and solutions.

I love your product at XY Enterprise. I appreciate your perspective, but I realize that a lot of people have missed the opportunity to work with your company. Have you ever used different channels to create more leads? I think it can greatly affect the growth of your business in the long run.

Pitch # 6: Sales pitch

Salespeople often use understandable sales terms that push the possibilities away. The key to success is to make a real connection with your product sales. Start with a personal story instead of the usual sales presentation.

Due to the lockdown during the epidemic, we have faced great danger. We were on the verge of laying off some of our employees. Fortunately, we have found a solution to our anxiety. Exploring new and fancy channels to create leads has enabled us to find new clients. Every business has a different strategy for getting new leads but I can say with confidence that our tools and strategies were exceptional in getting high quality leads which we did not leave out to any of our team.

Pitch # 7: Virtual event

A virtual networking event is common nowadays. Having meaningful conversations is also challenging. But no matter how difficult it may be, be prepared to provide a mandatory lift pitch. No matter where you are, you will never know who you are talking to.

Glad to meet you. I am General of Callbox, Inc. We have also been able to increase our sales during epidemics using the G Lead Generation channel. If you ever need help with lead generation, just get in touch. I think we can make a huge impact in our business. I’ll make sure your contact information is ready.

Fine-tuning your lift pitch

In addition to creating a great elevator pitch, you need to fine-tune your delivery. Don’t punish your audience with annoying speeches. We’re not just talking about the content but the tone you use when delivering it and your style.

Here are four tips to keep in mind:

  • Stick to your script – It will help you Stay tuned. You can’t say it for words, but memorizing most of it will make you more confident. It will also prevent you from forgetting the most important points.
  • To speak clearly – Even if you feel nervous, don’t show it. Relax and speak slowly so that your audience understands you. However, be aware that it is not too slow or you will annoy them.
  • Record Your Speech – Recording before you give a talk allows you to see areas that need improvement Practice and record a number of your speeches
  • imes until you can say with confidence that it is enough.
  • Practice – It may sound clich কিন্তু but practice makes perfect.

An elevator pitch is an opportunity to present your strengths and solutions prospectus. This can be scary but try to use the tips we have given you and create your own strategy.

Lift lectures are important for attracting more people to your business, there are many more ways to increase your sales and revenue. And one of those methods is to create high quality leads that have a 99 percent chance of becoming customers.

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