7 Examples Of Creative Advertising To Inspire Your Marketing Campaigns

As a digital marketer or business, standing out from the crowd has never been more difficult.

How do you surprise and delight your audience when there are six ads like yours, all waiting for attention? At a time when people are watching, reading, and interacting with the media across multiple devices, creating a new campaign can feel like a losing battle.

However, when you think it’s time to give up, a new trend emerges from the shadows and reminds us that creative advertising is still thriving.

But what exactly makes an ad campaign creative? And why does creativity matter?

Let’s talk about creative advertising, how it can inspire your campaigns, and here are seven examples of creative advertising that make a strong এবং and often ridiculous impression.

What is creative advertising and why is it important?

Creative advertising is a way to create and deliver an ad that will engage its intended audience. Successful creative ads tend to do one or more of the following:

  • Stand out.
  • Be memorable.
  • Provoke an emotional response or give a clear message.

Consumers are constantly flooded with commercial messages and those messages are often ignored. In a social media world where commercial messages are increasingly being tuned to user-generated content, the challenge for marketers is to create ads that are truly different and cut through the noise.

A creative advertising campaign connects consumers on an emotional level. It’s more than just an ad — it’s a whole experience, which leads to increased sales and brand loyalty. The ultimate goal of creative advertising is not only to sell more of a product, but also to make consumers think differently and change their perception of a brand.

7 examples of creative advertising to inspire you

The following creative ads are great examples of innovative and influential ways to reach your audience that will make you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?”


An all-in-one social media management tool, HeroPost lets you easily track, manage and post content on social media. And the people at Heropost know how to be creative with their ads while giving a soft blow to their competitors.

Photo courtesy of Heropost

This ad highlights the interesting price points of Heropost in a fun meme. Everyone likes a good meme and it’s a clever way to communicate brand points.


Even during epidemics, dating must continue এবং and Bumblebee gives us a light-hearted play on the subject.

Photo courtesy of OOH TODAY

Quarantine is something we can all relate to. Sticking to your dates, sweating, sharing take-outs and watching Netflix … it’s romantic, isn’t it? This ad campaign reflects a well-humorous approach in the face of a changing world (and dating landscape).


Promo is a video maker platform for business.

And instead of using the usual “see all our amazing features” ad, they’ve taken a slightly different approach:

Photo courtesy of Promo

The Instagram ad shows a video of a flying cheeseburger to show the platform’s ability to create videos (and make you crave a cheeseburger). This is a fun way to highlight what sets the promo apart from the competition and shows that they are willing to take risks.


Leanplum is an app marketing platform that helps marketers target their promotions, monitor engagement, and optimize user engagement.

This billboard advertises Leanplum, creatively publishing as little as possible:

Photo courtesy of Leanplum

A billboard message isn’t always going to be about the product itself. Sometimes it can be about creating a memorable brand image that people will associate with fun and emojis, as Linplum did.


Dozens of food delivery services nowadays. They all offer the same benefits and speed at the same price point.

But what sets one apart from the rest?

Seamless, a food delivery service that caters to restaurants in New York City, London and several other major cities, has found ways to differentiate itself from the competition.

Photo courtesy of Seamless

The ad specifically appeals to real New Yorkers who will do anything to avoid the tourist-filled frenzy in Times Square.

The ad uses bright, sharp colors that work together. Non-stop advertisements were strategically placed on subway lines to attract tired passengers. Below is another interesting example:

Photo courtesy of Seamless

Kit Kat

KitKat, the Candy Bar brand, topped the list with this on-point graphic created by one of their fans:

Photo courtesy of KitKat

The epidemic did not kill the creativity of this kitkat lover!

Sometimes, some of the best ads are consumer-generated. This ad relates to all home staff, and is true to the brand’s promise by being fun and entertaining.

Red bull

Another example that has encouraged user participation is Red Bull’s #PutACanOnIt.

The Energy Drink brand has created a campaign that allows people to share their creativity in a fun and silly way with a photo of their Red Bull.

Photo courtesy of Red Bull

The campaign has gone viral, trending across social media with #PutACanOnIt. The ad not only gained them a lot of awareness but also engaged the users with the brand.

Don’t give up transparency for creativity

Just because an ad is creative doesn’t mean it will be effective If you lose your intended message or do not communicate it clearly, you will lose your audience. That being said, if the goal is to create brand awareness and you want to do it in a memorable and fun way, be creative in all ways!

To avoid overflowing, it’s always a good idea to test your ads with a small target audience to see how they’ve been received before investing your time and money in a complete campaign.

Once you’ve tied them up with your creative campaign, it won’t stop there. Link your customers to your unbound landing pages to track and optimize conversions, getting them back for more.

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