Actualisez Vos Plans D’Urgence Face À La Guerre En Ukraine

For DSI/CIOS, CTO, CDO On Europe, Ukraine war and Punishment Refers to an update on the tactics imposed on Russian and Belarusian actors Nearby And making contingency plans. According to recent estimates, More than a thousand European companies employ more than two million people in Ukraine. Our recent conversations with clients about their project have allowed us to identify two groups. The first group concludes that the conflict will not have a significant impact on its activities Nearby. In the second group, companies have already begun reviewing their contracts, activating their contingency plans. They ask their service providers to transfer projects based in Ukraine to other European sites

Impact on resources Nearby Depending on the supplier you work with

Forrester has compiled a list of major service providers with significant operations in Belarus, Russia or Ukraine. This list is not exhaustive, but it does give you a useful starting point. If your company works with one of these vendor groups based in Belarus, Russia or Ukraine, you will encounter one of two situations.

Major service providers with significant operations in Ukraine, Russia or Belarus:

Key service providers with significant operations in Ukraine, Belarus or Russia

  • Major global service providers will relocate their operations to another center. You can expect global service providers (such as Accenture and PwC) to implement comprehensive business continuity solutions for all of their important business processes. One of these solutions is to restore, occupy and re-establish operations without friction by relocating to one of their centers in Eastern Europe or elsewhere.
  • Smaller regional providers may have limited ability to recover quickly at other centers. If you work with a small regional vendor like N-iX or SoftServe, be prepared to form a team (such as in the early days of the COVID-19 lockdown) and create a recovery plan involving a remote work strategy.

If you haven’t already, follow these steps …

As an immediate measure:

  • Ask the relevant supplier for detailed information on how and where they plan to integrate themselves. The situation in Ukraine will develop rapidly. Your service provider may be asked to transfer your services to a center or center further away from the dispute, for example in Ireland or Portugal.
  • Assign a project manager to your internal team. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.
  • Review communication and information sharing protocols. As with any business continuity plan, check that the initial and backup communication methods are adequate, as well as the explicitly written RACI table (responsible, autonomous, consulted and informed) to avoid “getting stuck” waiting for input from a stakeholder you can’t reach. . For more general operational resilience guidelines, Forrester customers should read This report. (In English).

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