Amazing Tips for Successful Drip Email Campaign

Most of you already know what a drip email campaign is. If you need some head-up, we’ve already loaded it for you to mention. You can start by learning what drip email marketing is, why and how, then understanding the difference between a drip email campaign and a regular email campaign. Once you’re familiar with these, you can check out some of the best practices we’ve chosen for a drip campaign. With that said, in this article I will tell you some of my tried and tested tips that will help you create a successful drip campaign.

When I say successful, there is no specific evaluation. In fact, the definition of success can vary from one email marketer to another. Similarly, you and I may not fully agree on each other’s ideas for a successful email campaign. So, I’d rather reinterpret it and say – this article will give you tips that will allow you to create and implement a drip email campaign that will exceed your expectations. With the standard conversion rate considered as the gold standard and the general expectation of any (and every) marketing, let’s get started.

A successful drip email promotion element

A drip campaign will not give you success overnight. Proper planning and implementation as well as time are required for a drip campaign to have a positive impact on marketing revenue. For me, there are four main parts to accelerating the success of your drip email campaign – choosing a drip email campaign tool, setting a clear goal, setting the right segmentation, and finally writing the content of the drip email campaign. Each of these elements can be taken as a building block for your drip email promotion. All the tips and tricks revolve around these four elements. To make your cheatsheet a success, I urge you to continue reading through the material.

I. Choosing a perfect drip campaign tool

You can have countless ideas and multiple streams in your head or maybe you can draw it on a piece of paper, each with a nice idea of ​​how the email will turn out. But this idea will only find its way when you have an equally powerful tool. Now, let me be honest here – most marketers don’t want to get bogged down in a drip email marketing tool. And it’s not a crime, seriously! Still, we all need a powerful tool that will help us do our work with zero-hassle. Combining all of these requirements, I suggest you use EasySendy Drip to promote your drip email. Sign up as soon as possible EasySandy is giving a drip Exclusive Black Friday deals with 30% flat off And 2 months free subscription to annual plan. (Read more about the deal here). If you have already signed up, yeyy !! We better go.

Why choose an easysend drip?

Arguably there are plenty of email marketing tools available in the market. If you ask why EasySandy drips, then of course it is a valid question. The reason is here-

EasySendy Drip is designed for small businesses and those who work individually on their website. This enables you to achieve superior inbox placement through multiple email delivery servers, a feature unique to EasySandy Drip. This is something we all need but on an ideal budget. Imagine buying multiple email delivery servers individually and sending emails from each server separately, managing them, tracking them … puff !!! It takes a lot of work, more time and of course the cost is skyrocketing. In contrast, you have EasySandy drip – configuration-free hassle, budget-friendly, advanced email marketing features, tracking features, embedded popup forms, a huge assortment of templates, and multiple email delivery servers – all rolled into one platform. I mean more?

Talking about email marketing features, EasySandy Drip is fully loyal to GDPR. To ensure that you use only the actual email list for your campaign, we ask all our customers to use our popup forms to create their email list. No third party email list is completely banned here !! Popups are fun to use and easy to create There are over 250+ ready to use popup templates that can be customized using the simple drag and drop editor.

Popup drag and drop editor

In addition, these popup forms are:

  1. Easy to embed anywhere on your website
  2. Supports social login buttons for your customers
  3. Automatically add your new customers to your contact database
  4. Recognizes returning visitors and shows popups accordingly
  5. Enables integration with Google Analytics for accurate tracking
  6. Following your subscription popup lets you add a thank you popup

Isn’t it cool ?! I can go about these, but it will take us away from the main topic. Take a quick tour of EasySendy Drip using your trial account and watch a live demo. Get started here.

Still not a user of EasySendy Pro for hybrid email campaigns?

2. Set up a clear goal

Coming back now – once your tools are in place, all you need to do is set a clear goal for your drip campaign. You see, there is no point in shooting an arrow suddenly. When you don’t have a specific place to hit, your arrows run out and so do you. The same goes for a drip email promotion. Just starting a campaign makes zero sense. You must have a specific goal to achieve with your drip campaign. Marketers create different types of drips, each serving a different purpose. For example, a welcome drip aims to welcome new customers and help them get on board, or an onboarding drip helps customers get started step by step. Whatever the type of drip, each has a definite purpose defined. So, before you start creating a drip campaign, ask yourself two basic questions:

  1. What kind of drip are you going to build?
  2. What purpose will it serve in terms of customer engagement or customer engagement?

If you find yourself ignorant of any of these questions, stop. You’re not ready for a drip campaign yet. Once you have a clear goal set, you can start planning your drips right now. Honestly, if you have a clear goal, you can plan your drips faster than ever before.

For example, these onboarding emails from the Indian ticketing platform, BookMyShow after their joining Superstar The program has a clear goal – to help new users start new features and enjoy the benefits of being one. Superstar If you read the content on BookMyShow, you will see how precisely and beautifully this email serves its purpose. Obviously, email marketers have thought of this before creating and scheduling this email. It is a combination of welcome and onboarding emails that are automatically sent to new customers.

Onboarding drip

III. Sharing your contacts based on behavior and events

Partitioning plays an important role in promoting your drip email. If your customers are not shared, your drips may not work properly. To explain this interrelationship, let me start from the beginning. You already know that drip emails are a series of personalized emails that are triggered based on customer engagement behavior or various events. You can predict what will happen if your customers are not shared properly and they end up receiving irrelevant emails.

IV Writing the perfect drip email content

Suppose you have everything in place. Your segments are well-crafted, you know what you want to achieve with your drip campaign, and you have a steady stream of customers. Awesome. But wait. You missed the most important part – the content of your drip email promotion. If your content is irrelevant, your drip email becomes irrelevant within the campaign moment. Why? As you can see, this is your content that will take your customers from one stage to another. As you can tell, content is a key part of your drip email promotion. If it is irrelevant or badly written, the whole drip campaign will be tossed. I’m not saying this randomly. Content guru Neel Patel also emphasizes on writing good email content.

To show you how this is done, I’ll talk about the welcome drip email from Drift (which is an absolute favorite). Their content is straightforward, no pictures, but full of resources needed to get started. Bonus point: It’s fun too. Anyone who says you need a lot of images to make your email work is wrong. Don’t trust them.

Drip Email Campaign Tips

Now that everything is OK, let’s take a look at some of my (and my team’s) tried and tested tips that can make your drip email campaign a success.

Amazing Tips for a Successful Drip Email Campaign

I’ve already told you the key tips for a successful drip email campaign – Choosing the right drip email campaign tool, Creating relevant segments, Setting an exact goalAnd Writing the perfect content. Here are some more tips you must follow:

# 01 Have a layout ready for your drip email template

Think of a layout that would align with the entire drip email series you created. It will remain the same throughout the entire campaign. So, create a design layout that is interesting, places the right kind of material, takes a bold CTA and takes less time to load. Make sure your original message is not hidden under a pile of images and GIFs and bright colors. When you want your email to look amazing, it can be simple and crisp so your customers get the point right away.

# 02. Give your members the option to unsubscribe

I know you’ll hate it, but when you force your customers to keep receiving your emails by hiding the unsubscribe button, you’re actually causing more damage to your entire drip email promotion. When you let uninterested customers out of your drip campaign, you’ll find customers in your segment who are interested in what you’re creating. Your email engagement rate will automatically increase and the bounce rate will decrease.

For those who have unsubscribed, you can ask them to choose a different category or create a re-employment campaign for these customers.

# 03 Personalize your email

Personalization has increased our email opening rate and engagement rate by more than 18% in the last month. With personalization, it’s not just about adding the first names of your recipients. There is more to personalization. By creating a personal touch when adding the first name, it is important that you “send” your email from a real person who is accessible via email. Try using the name and picture of a real person in your group. It instills in your recipients a belief that you are genuine and that you are accessible for any question. For example, knowledge s. See Rao’s email signature, Aritic’s Digital Marketing Lead (Our Enterprise Brand and an Integrated Automation Suite) –

Drip Email Campaign Tip

I have received more feedback since I added my picture and my social profile and it has been a very positive response. I think it helps people trust me more because the only thing they hear from me is email It helps them believe in me, in what I say and in our brand. For me, these kinds of exercises add to the brand-customer relationship. ~ Knowledge, from Arithik.


Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating a drip email campaign on EasySandyDrip. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Any other tips you would like to add to this list? Tell me the comments below. Also, let me know if these were helpful to you.

Until then, happy email !!

PS: Don’t forget to sign up for a free account at EasySendy Drip.

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