B2B Content Marketing Trends in 2022

Content marketing has long been a staple of B2B marketing and continues to be so as 2022 brings more opportunities and challenges for content ideation, creation and distribution. Here, we take a look some shifts in content marketing over the past year and how that impacts strategy, planning, and execution moving forward. Be sure to also check previous installations in this series that focus on B2B lead generation trends in 2022 and B2B email marketing trends in 2022. 

What’s Changed for B2B Content Marketing?

The past year has been one of continuous adaptation. As B2B organizations refined content marketing strategies and plans to focus on what mattered most amid evolving strategies and plans. Here are some of the key changes in B2B content marketing we’ve observed.  

B2B Content Marketing Strategy 

B2B content marketing strategies focused more heavily on understanding and considering where people were at in the world and how they could be helped from a content standpoint. This focus resulted in content shifts that included:  

  • Incorporation of empathetic language and content. Taking the time to be thoughtful and compassionate towards others in times of change can go a long way. B2B content marketers worked to ensure empathy and understanding were weaved throughout content pieces and messaging and offered helpful resources wherever possible.  
  • Increased focus on buyer feedback. People want to trust people; it’s that simple. As more buying processes increasingly move online, it’s never been more important to focus on what other buyers are saying about your organization’s product, service or solution in the digital space. B2B content leaders applied social listening and feedback loops to inform actionable steps for improved experiences and buying processes. 

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B2B Content Creation 

Amid the accelerated migration to digital content, content creation ran full steam ahead. From thinking of new content ideas to adapting to new distribution channels, B2B content marketers were pressed to adapt. Here’s how content creation and distribution shifted. 

  • Uptick in video content. Short, engaging content, including videos and webinars continued to rise in popularity and application over the past year.  
  • Creating content that converts. Recent measurements have shown shifts in what content delivers the most impact. According to Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report for 2022, these types of contents yielded the best results (according to what each organization defined as a successful result):  
    • Virtual events and webinars
    • Research reports
    • Short articles or posts
    • eBooks and white papers

B2B Content Marketing Trends to Focus on in 2022 

With the many unknowns that 2022 brings for us, there are a few things that B2B content marketing leaders should be focusing on in strategy and execution efforts.  

Elevating Content Marketing and Customer Experience 

Content marketing and customer experience go hand in hand. Content supports a positive customer experience. At the same time, customer experience informs content marketing strategy. In an era where B2B buyers increasingly want consumer-like buying experiences, B2B marketers need to apply shifts to make this happen. Creating easy-to-consume content and making website content easily navigable are a few examples. Loyalty programs and exclusive content are also gaining traction. 

Attention to Changes in Search Algorithms and Impacts on Search Engine Optimization 

Search engines frequently update their algorithms for a variety of reasons. These changes and updates can have both positive and negative impacts on keyword rankings and search engine optimization (SEO). Pay attention when those updates happen and understanding what, if any, changes need to be made to current and future content. 

Building Strong Engagement with Social Media Content 

Social media has reached record usage numbers. Estimates show that almost 4.2 billion people worldwide use social media, and most use it regularly. B2B marketers have been pushed to focus more on social media. From posting on company accounts to key team executives, a lot goes into crafting and publishing social media posts, but the name of the game is building strong social media engagement. Incorporate content that social audiences engage with, including short clips, thought leadership, polls, and imagery. B2B content marketers will need to devote time and resources to ensure social media content meets their goals. 

Create Compelling Content in 2022 

There is a huge opportunity for B2B marketers to gain momentum across 2022 via compelling, strategic content. Make informed content shifts and keep strategies flexible to adapt to anything that comes your way. We hope this exploration of content marketing trends helps your team knock it out of the park. 

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