transition to Elastic Email is Szczecin, a ticket seller based in Poland, selling tickets for artistic and sporting events throughout Poland. Recently, they Moved their business Elastic Email And we talked about the whole process with their CEO Conrad Pitcher.

Why did decide to convert to Elastic Email?

“We have a high-quality contact list who has agreed to receive emails from us about upcoming events when purchasing tickets.” Conrad told us, “We’ve had a lot of problems with other companies sending low-quality newsletters from IPs that we shared in previous ESPs, and our delivery has been reduced.”

Newsletter deliverables are crucial for the company, which is why Conrad has turned his attention to elastic email.

How long does the conversion take? What are the best features?

When Transformation itself It only took us a few hours The team helped the team prepare a month ago. These preparations forced the transformation itself to go without a hitch.

For their favorite feature, Conrad tells us that our communication split feature is really useful. After creating a section for their most active contacts, some campaigns are only sent to highly engaged viewers, increasing openness and clickthrough rates, which is a special focus.’s newsletter campaign.

Another feature that Conrad and his team enjoyed was arranging mail so that they could safely spread their transmission throughout the day, ensuring that they would not be blocked by the receiving server to flood it.

But Conrad’s favorite aspect of working with elastic email is not a feature.

How does Elastic Email help you achieve your business goals?

“Our newsletter is one of our main marketing channels,” Conrad tells us. Let them buy tickets. ”

We’re glad we can help Conrad and K. The team provides their newsletter And sell great concerts and sporting events and thank them so much for taking the time to talk to us!

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