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Create and manage your own list

Create and manage your own list

When you create and manage your own list, you have control. If the business around you makes a big difference, you can pivot with new directions by contacting new copy, new offers and your proprietary list.

One scene I often see is when someone decides to quit listing because the company they were working with has either gone out of business or changed so that the distributor will no longer be associated with that company.

After a few weeks or months, they find a business that is more consistent with their goals and decides to start again. The challenge is that they have lost momentum. They have lost contact with their existing leads and have not created new leads.

This is a big reason why it is important to create and manage your own list. And by “management”, I mean building relationships. Build relationships. Let your customers know you. When change comes (and they often do) you can simply let your customers know that things are happening and that you are moving in a new direction. You may be surprised how many of them tell you, “OK … let me know what direction you take.” Or something similar.

This is one of the reasons why I say listing is like building an online ATM. When you make a good list and nurture a strong relationship, it doesn’t really matter what the “stars” do. You can pivot and point your arrows in a new direction as you continue to pursue your business goals

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