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Make your list and own it all

Make your list and own it allWhen you create your own list, you own it. The right to contact information, traffic, population and marketing. Building your list and owning it is the key to online marketing success.

Think about this for a minute. When you build your list, you’re collecting the names and emails (or more) of people who say, “I’m interested in what you’re doing.” They trust you enough to give you their information. So you collect their contact information. It’s a big win. Build that relationship now.

Did you realize that you now own the marketing rights to that list? You can market your offers directly to your listing by clicking a button. This is not a shopping list that you are sharing with dozens or even hundreds more This is your list. They wanted your information. This gives you a bigger advantage than any competition.

When you send your information to that list, you control the flow of traffic. You can send them links directly to your offer page, information, social media, training, sales and much more. You have to decide.

If you go deeper into it, you can get information about their population. You know how old they are, what their interests are, what their purchase history is and much more.

“Make your list and own it” just makes sense.

The smart move is to build that list, build your relationship with that list, and hold on to that list no matter what happens.

If your favorite social media site goes down, you will still have a list.

If your offer goes down, you will still have a list.

We ran into people who told us, “Yeah, I had a list but I quit the project I was working on. Now, I have a new project that I can probably sell on that list but I have more lists. No!

Make your list – Keep your list

Even if your project turns upside down or has to go through big changes, your relationship with your list is how you can quickly pivot to a new direction and move forward.

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