CleverTap in G2’s List of Best Software Companies in India

Here is the list of G2’s 2022 best software. And we’re glad to announce that CleverTap has been included List of best sellers in India.

The award is a great testament to the value we offer our customers and their confidence in CleverTap. It’s a great achievement to be on this list, and we want to celebrate this moment by thanking our customers who have consistently provided us with positive reviews, helping us work with 10,000+ apps.

At CleverTap, our goal is to help empower brands with data, personalization, deep-technology and automation-driven customer retention and lifetime value growth. And this award drives us to create better solutions to attract and retain customers.

Last year, customers used CleverTap to send a trillion messages and create nearly nine million campaigns. Also in 2021, CleverTap has been published Features and functionality Around SMS campaign improvements, partnerships, and a ton of personalization and analytics upgrades.

G2’s listing method

G2 (formerly G2 Crowd) is a peer-to-peer review site that allows users to rate and comment on business software worldwide. From feature comparisons to price comparisons, the G2 serves as a resource that allows companies to seek effective software and neutral (and uncensored) feedback on the tools they want to use.

To get on the G2’s software vendors list of “best of the best”, the product must collect at least 50 approved and published reviews in the 2021 calendar year. Actual lists are created using a proprietary algorithm based on G2’s verified user reviews and publicly available market-available data. Then, G2 ranked among the top 100 sellers based on a combination of G2’s satisfaction and market presence score.* Finally, their regional listings are based on where the executives live, where the company was founded, and where most of the employees are.*

To learn more, see G2’s 2022 Best Software List And read more about G2’s method.

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Last updated March 8, 2022

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