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The Project

A proven leader in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Global Agility was focused on ensuring continuous business growth. From opening more offices in the US to expanding operations internationally, the team at Global Agility knew they needed expert marketing guidance to elevate their messaging, boost their brand and develop a mix of sales enablement materials to support their growth objectives. Global Agility turned to Launch Marketing to act as their marketing team and lead these initiatives.

To kick off the project, Launch Marketing went through a multi-tiered discovery process consisting of team meetings and individual interviews to gain insights into Global Agility’s services, solutions, competition and more. To gain an even deeper knowledge of the market, including competitive solutions and buyer personas, Launch continued to ramp up by performing additional rounds of research and analysis.

The Results

Once the discovery and research phase was completed, Launch used the information and insights gathered to begin crafting new messaging. From there, Launch was able to lead the Global Agility team through an interactive workshop that ultimately resulted in agreed-upon company and product messaging that would resonate with their target audience by clearly communicating key differentiators and value props.  

To further strengthen their market presence, Launch continued to work with Global Agility to develop a brand image that not only stood out from the crowd but also had lasting power. This included everything from updating and expanding the corporate color palette, to establishing a new look and feel with creative design elements that would span across the brand.  

Along with their new branding and messaging came the development of sales enablement pieces and marketing collateral. Launch created business cards, a PowerPoint template, a sales presentation, company and solution brochures, an animated video and an event booth. These updated materials not only solidified Global Agility’s brand but also strengthened its market presence and positioning, setting them up for sales success.  

After creating messaging and developing various sales enablement pieces for Global Agility’s initial growth efforts, they reengaged with Launch for additional marketing support for a service expansion. Similar to the previous engagement, Launch was brought in to create multiple brochures, additional slides to include in the original sales presentation and an animated video focusing on the new services.

As a result of the expanded engagement with Launch, Global Agility kept a consistent voice, tone, look and feel across all sales and marketing efforts, ensuring ongoing brand differentiation and alignment.

“The team at Launch Marketing was easy to work with and their marketing expertise and guidance across projects has been greatly appreciated. Thanks to them, we have highly professional and truly targeted sales and marketing materials that continue to set us apart and enable our ongoing market expansion.”

-Martin Tyson, Chief Revenue Officer

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