Collagen market growth fueled by growing food and beverage demand

Collagen has been gaining momentum across countless health and wellness applications in recent years, as consumer awareness of the benefits of the product grows stronger. Also, consumers’ changing perceptions of well-being and health due to a variety of factors, including social and environmental issues, and the recent health effects of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic have highlighted the important role that proteins play in shaping overall health. Ecosystem

Health and wellness around the world has seen a major transformation driven by many technological, consumer, scientific and sociocultural factors, which in recent years have developed a more holistic model for wellness. More than one-third or 38% of consumers worldwide say their beliefs about health and wellness have changed significantly over the past year.

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This shift in consumer perceptions and attitudes towards health, as well as their growing focus on maintaining physical and mental well-being, is contributing greatly to emerging health ingredients such as collagen, which has become increasingly prevalent in many food and beauty products over the years. .

What is the value of collagen industry?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that serves as a key physiological building block for various parts of the body, including the skin, muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. It is the most abundant protein found in the body, making up about one-third of the total protein composition. Collagen has long established a strong presence in the beauty and wellness industry, with many drinks, topical skin care products as well as a key ingredient in health supplements.

With the emergence of overall health and wellness trends in the intensive focus on health in the Covid-19 era, the opportunity for this broad application is likely to lead to profitable growth for them. Collagen marketWhich is set to exceed the 6.34 billion valuation by 2027, based on forecasts from Global Market Insights, Inc.

In the current scenario, one of the main reasons for pushing the popularity of collagen-based products is the emerging trend of interior beauty that has taken the world by storm.

Collagen as the driving force behind the emerging trend of internal beauty

As the novel coronavirus outbreak brings overall health to the limelight, so does the importance of skin care and health. Consumers around the world, regardless of background, gender or age, are increasingly focusing on improving their health and becoming more aware of the close relationship between wellness and beauty. As a result, modern beauty has become a more holistic concept, focusing not only on external but also on internal well-being, where beauty supplements lead to charge. The emerging trend of internal beauty, therefore, involves improving skin and health conditions through the use of improved dietary and beauty supplements, which are designed to trigger internal changes in the body that give visible results on the outside.

Of the many raw materials that show potential as a beauty supplement, collagen is considered to be the most influential and is rapidly emerging as a rising star in the dietary supplement domain. Collagen supplements are taking an active part in the trend of internal beauty, their beneficial effects include anti-aging, strengthening nails and better nourishment of hair and skin, to name a few. According to a study conducted by researchers in the UK, participants who ate a mixture of essential minerals and vitamins, hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid, had significantly improved skin hydration, elasticity and wrinkle depth. Control group.

Marine collagen in particular is becoming a major source of this trend, with GMI estimates that the collagen industry could record a CAGR of more than 9% by 2027 due to the highly durable and bioavailable nature of the protein.

Marine collagen has several proven beauty benefits, including overall skin texture and tone, firmness, greater elasticity, and the ability to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. Instead of these features, and instead of the product’s strong potential for overall well-being, more and more startups are shifting their focus to flooding the collagen market with advanced product formulations designed to provide beauty benefits from clear skin to weight loss to strong hair, and more.

Darling Ingredients Inc. A notable example of this is the launch of the new MSC-certified Peptan: Marine Collagen Peptide range by its Rousselot brand in January 2021. The new collagen-based product range is entirely derived from marine wild-caught white fish. , Was introduced as a solution for nutrition and beauty brands to differentiate themselves and expand their product portfolios with premium, sustainable source dietary and nutritional supplements.

Top 5 Benefits of Collagen

From enhancing skin texture to strengthening bones or relieving joint-related discomfort, the effectiveness of collagen in the application of healing is extensive. Listed below are 5 key benefits of collagen, making it a significant part of their modern health and wellness.

Ease of digestion

Collagen is considered a more comfortable way to integrate protein into the diet. One of the main reasons for this is the hydrolyzing process, which breaks down collagen to make it easier to digest. The hydrolyzing process also gives collagen peptides the ability to dissolve in water, making it easier to absorb liquid products such as smoothies or water.

Improves skin elasticity and reduces the risk of wrinkles

One of the most prominent benefits of collagen is the health of the skin, especially its ability to reduce elasticity and wrinkle formation. According to a 2019 review of the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, researchers conducted 11 placebo-controlled, randomized studies involving more than 800 patients who took up to 10 grams of collagen per day to improve skin health. The results of the study showed that supplements have strong potential to improve skin elasticity, retain good moisture and increase the density of collagen fibers in the skin.

Relieve joint-related discomfort

Numerous studies have shown that collagen supplements help maintain cartilage integrity in the body, alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis and thus reduce overall joint pain. Experiments conducted on collagen peptides indicate that they play an integral role in alleviating the severity of knee joint pain in adults, as well as the potential for delaying the occurrence of chronic degenerative joint disease.

Improving bowel health through oral supplements

In many digestive conditions, including IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease), collagen has been recognized as an appropriate bowel therapy. Most patients with digestive disorders show a decrease in collagen levels, which can affect the body’s ability to heal because collagen is a major component of connective tissue that makes up the GI tract and colon. As a result, demand for edible collagen-based products for intestinal health has increased, so any potential deficiencies can be corrected.

Improving heart health

Collagen has the ability to improve the health of the heart by improving the structure of the arteries, which are the vessels responsible for carrying blood from the heart to the body. In the absence of adequate structural support, the arteries can become stiff, rigid and weak, leading to a higher risk of heart attack, cardiovascular disease and others, which highlights the importance of maintaining proper collagen levels in the body.

Improving bone health through the use of collagen peptide

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, aging of the body has a detrimental effect on bone mineral density, especially after the onset of menopause. Collagen peptide supplements are considered an effective treatment solution for this condition due to its potentially favorable effect on bone mineral density, a phenomenon supported by a placebo-controlled, randomized double-blinded clinical trial that found that collagen The bone mineral density of postmenopausal women is significantly increased.

Despite its long-standing presence in the beauty industry, the health benefits of collagen continue to be a major area of ​​interest for researchers in the modern era, especially with the extended efficacy of protein across edible, topical and medical applications. Given the interest in this ongoing research, and the potential favorable effects of the product across a wide range of applications, it is likely that the collagen industry will emerge as a major force in the health component ecosystem in the years to come.

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