Drip Marketing automation winning strategies for businesses

Are you aware that email accounts are 3 times more expensive than social media accounts?

You can see that email click-through rate is 6 times higher than Twitter.

Are you shocked by the growth rate? Email marketing?

Email marketing has a higher engagement and response rate than social media platforms.

As an intelligent marketer, I have always used this to drive sales and revenue for my business.

I like it because it creates a quick and reliable form of communication that is free and easily accessible.

Even email marketing encourages long lasting communication in long distance relationships.

It is not characterized by the inconvenience that is usually associated with traditional means of communication such as telephone or mail.

What is the most common thing in marketing?

Yes, it is nothing more than time.

Still not a user of EasySendy Pro for hybrid email campaigns?

Send a quick message to your prospect?

Otherwise, they will not transform into loyal customers.

Are you late sending email newsletters?

Then chances are they’ve already moved on to your competitors.

This is the most common type of communication. Companies that have established lead nurture and drip marketing automation programs can clearly see the difference between nurtured leads versus non-nourished leads in increasing sales opportunities.

Is the drip campaign the ultimate solution for lead breeding?

Yes Email drip campaigns are the only solution It can help you gradually nurture your leadership. Do you think it would be easy if your email marketing could seamlessly tie your new points to your existing sales funnel, but how is that possible?

It sounds complicated, but you can bring it with a drip-email promotion. Send these marketing emails when customers trigger action on your website or blog. Let me explain it more simply so that these automated emails are sent based on specific timelines or user actions.

There are great examples from retailers at a glance “Not on the high street.” Which offers its customers an exclusive promo code, with the possibility to update email preferences and avoid unsubscribing.

Drip Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation

Now you have the advantage of using drip marketing automation. Then let me show you how brands have used amazing drip emails to nurture and engage your customers. In the meantime, take a closer look at the Upsell campaign run by Fitbit. It wanted its users to upgrade and try out their new sleep devices.

It wanted their customers to track their lives; So this add-on feature was the selling point. These new apps are an incentive for users who are using older versions of Fitbit Tracker.

Drip marketing automation, email marketing

If you want to get guidelines for giving coupons. You can take a closer look at the example of Airbnb shown below. It has taken an extra step by offering free stay credits based on their users moving to the previous location.

Drip Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation

Airbnb takes a smart step and gives users an extra incentive to book vacations for their stay. Will include Airbnb’s excellent city guidelines for pushing recipients toward conversion.

On EasySendy, drip emails begin as soon as your visitors submit your subscription form to join your email list or download a new content resource or become an initial subscriber to an upcoming event. All you need to do is understand the different triggers that can help you create a suitable drip series.

In EasyCandy, you can use different sets of action triggers. EasySendy is one of the best email marketing platforms where you can create a hassle-free campaign. And how! This allows you to use a simple drag and drop email promotion builder.

If you have used our embeddable forms to capture the email addresses of your visitors to your website. Your subscribers are automatically added to your contact database, and the first email you send is a welcome email.

Then when you want to set up a sequence of what to follow, you can send a drip marketing email. Below is a sample workflow created in EasySandy drip-

Drip Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation

Like this, you can create different drip sequences. Some common drip emails are welcome drips, onboarding drips, autoresponder, promotional drips, feedback drips, educational drips and more. You can check out these handpicked drip email templates that always work for small business start-ups. Also, here is a quick guide to drip email marketing covering all the basics for you This is not to say that drip emails have a magic touch. I can suggest you some winning strategies to make the best use of drip campaigns and show you how to create a new one.

# 1 Personalization always works!

Although drip campaigns are automated, you can’t let your message go that way. Yes, you got it. Your customers always want to hear from you, not from your computer. Sometimes they may look like cookie-cutter templates, but please make sure these emails do not sound like cut-and-paste. Everyone in the world gets an email that starts with,

“Dear valued customer,”

It’s annoying.

I’m sure you won’t get a reply from the other end if they don’t finish reading the message because they are annoyed. If you want your customers to follow the steps below, you must follow the practice of personalization.

  1. Accept
  2. Understand the content
  3. Open the email
  4. Complete that specific task
  5. Identify the call to action

Personalization always works great because it can help you automate your responses in a better way.

This can help you increase the open rate, click rate and conversion rate.

  • Add the recipient’s first name to the main body of the email.

Similarly, you can also personalize the subject line.

  • For example, see the following examples:

The latter is a clear message, since it is personalized from the name of the sender as well as the recipient. A personalized signature is an add-on feature.

See the example of Starbucks. If you send the message as shown, you can remind your readers that it is not an automated computer system. This will give you an effective response.

Drip marketing automation, drip marketing

# 2. Expand your email list with drip techniques

Creating email lists is now a much easier task. Yes, pop-up forms have become a savior, as they can help you capture email sign-ups and sync effortlessly with your contact lists. At the same time, you can improve your website or landing page with them.

As a marketer, everyone wants to get the reader’s attention; You can Count on pop-ups to keep your message forward And center and help you achieve your marketing goals. These are a very powerful listing tool that can help you reach potential customers in a hassle-free way.

Pop-ups can be one of the fastest and easiest options when creating an actual list You can customize forms that not only collect visitor email addresses, but also collect other data about your visitors such as geographical location, contact numbers.

The best part about these pop-ups is that you can embed the form on your website without any technical or coding experience. This can help you save time so you can instantly nurture new leads. For example, look at its exit intent popup forms Pixelscraper.

Drip Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation

# 3. Welcome email to your savior

Once someone joins your list, the first thing you need to do is send them a welcome message. After sending it, you can take it further by mixing it similarly with a personalization factor Crocs Did.

Here’s what I mean.

Drip Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing

Drip marketing automation can be effective once you add customers to your list. That way, you can set up your double opt-in landing pages in the same way After sending some emails at an early stage, you can send them whatever they want. If they want to receive promotional messages or if they need your newsletter, you can let them decide with your welcome messages.

You can set up this drip marketing automation campaign with a trigger link. Depending on the customer’s click, the drip order will be determined. This is a win-win solution for both because you can improve your subscription rate and keep all their messages relevant at the same time. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

# 4. Segmentation

Market segmentation is the process of dividing the entire market into customer subsets or segments that share the same characteristics and needs. It also plays an important role in email marketing listings, which can improve openness and clickthrough rate.

This makes it easier for marketers Personalize their marketing campaigns. They can use their time, money and other resources efficiently to target customers on an individual level. This helps them divide to give priority to their target audience.

It depends on various factors such as population, survey, level of engagement, geographical area, website behavior, personal interest and much more. In such cases, Reverse Smartly has abandoned a cart so customers can check their left-out goodies inside the bag.

Drip Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation

# 5. Measure your success

If you think that these automated messages cannot be measured, you are wrong. You may still be able to track the results so that the success of a drip campaign can be measured

Look at the underlying factors such as:

  1. Open rate
  2. Click Rate
  3. Bounce rate
  4. Conversion rate
  5. Unsubscribe rate

What do you think is the best way to measure the success of each campaign? Yes, that’s the number of conversions. Measuring your results can help you understand the reasons you need to convert. You can make the necessary adjustments.

Drip marketing automation is an effective way to improve your existing email marketing strategy. This is not a difficult task. Make sure you add personalization factors as discussed above, such as using the customer’s name and sending messages from your personal email address.

Welcome Emails is a surefire way to start a drip campaign so you can use drip emails even for those who haven’t yet subscribed to your email list. Once your campaigns go live, you can monitor the results to measure your success.

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