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E-Learning Market Industry Report

E-learning is a mode of conveying the knowledge to students through the electronic modes such as videos, audio, e-books, AR/VR or any other electronic mode. E-learning conveys various advantages to the students, which involve the low cost of education and specialized course learning. In addition, e-learning has become an integral portion of majority of organizations as it improves the performance of employees. 

At Ken Research, the E-Learning Market Research Report states that the Egypt Port K-12 E-Learning market is augmenting due to augment in Job Opening such as data scientist, ML expert, software analyst, and algorithm specialist which demands the short-term courses available on countless online platforms.  The universities are introducing courses in new age subjects such as the internet of things, big data, and artificial intelligence and are involving it as a segment of their Curriculum. 

Based on the E-Learning Industry Research Report, the Saudi Arabia E-Learning market was witnessed to augment with a stable growth pattern during the review duration 2015-2020P. Aspects such as surging internet users, technological innovations in E-learning, increasing Smartphone penetration, Surge in number of distance learning users and others have assisted the e-learning industry to augment in Saudi Arabia in terms of revenue.

Not only has this, E-Learning Market Revenue Analysis states that competition within Saudi Arabia E-Learning market was witnessed to be fragmented along with the existence of large number of content and technology companies. The foremost companies in the content market across Saudi Arabia involve New Horizon, K-12, Alwasaet, Bakkah, Udacity, Edx, Nafham, Noon and others.

The e-learning market major players in the technology market include Naseej, Innovito, Integrated Solutions for Business (ISB), Harf Information Technology, Smartway, Edutacs, Dolf Technologies and many others. Foremost competing parameters involve price, technology, number of courses, personalized solutions, clientele, partners, service portfolio and many others.

The effective growth in remote learning throughout the pandemic and requirement for low-cost convenient learning system positively effects the growth of the market. In addition, surge in usage of AI and machine learning in e-learning system boost the growth of the market across the world. However, aspects such as shortage of face-to-face interactions in the E-learning systems and require for greater self-motivation limit the e-learning market growth rate

Region wise, the e-learning market size was registered by North America during the recent years and is projected to observe the highest growth rate throughout the forecast period owing to growth in competition among service providers across North America. In addition, key players deliver more security for data, by confirming speedy access and greater outreach, which propel the growth of the e-learning market in this region.

However, Asia-Pacific is expected to observe significant growth during the forecast period, owing to rise in utilization of e-learning services and adoption of cloud-based smart learn solution throughout the pandemic.

The Future of E-learning Market is driven by the growth in the requirement for cost-effective training and learning approaches in corporate and academic sectors in the forthcoming years. The increasing volume of the course content makes it difficult for these sectors to maintain and store such a great amount of data in their libraries or stores. The electronic approach of content delivery enables these segments to store and manage their course or business information in online websites or applications. 

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