Email marketing trends in 2022 – which ones are worth using?

Email Marketing Trends in 2022


In this day and age, email personalization means no longer using the username at the beginning of an email It’s time to dump her and move on. You can distinguish between your competitors by focusing on aspects like optimizing when sending emails based on the user’s previous behavior. You can also control the density of the email according to the level of user engagement. Subscribers appreciate emails wishing them a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary as a subscriber to your company or subscriber to your newsletter, especially with some prizes like special discounts. Show your customers that you care about them!

Another great example of personalized email is sending customers a reminder that a product they bought some time ago may have expired and they should re-order it. For example, printer ink or coffee in their office. Also, don’t forget about saving abandoned cars! Statistically, an average of 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Sending a follow-up email to remind customers that they have not completed their purchase is a standard, but effective, marketing practice. Cart abandonment emails conversion rate can be around 20%.


Although segmentation has already become important in optimizing email marketing, microsegmentation is the next step you should take. The most frequent criteria that may come to mind when grouping your customers are age group, gender and country. However, you should consider more detailed information such as their buying habits, all frequent locations, occupations and preferences. Which section of your offer they are interested in may be the last of the customer’s choice For example, when dog owners buy products for their pets online, they will only be interested in items dedicated to dogs.

Another microsegmentation practice to try is to send follow-up emails to those who clicked on a specific link in your newsletter and based on that they received specific content. It is very important to be aware that customers do not always stay in a certain group permanently. Often, the categories they include may vary and that is why your email marketing department should be reviewed and updated regularly.

Data privacy

Nowadays we are all very concerned about data privacy and the potential dangers lurking for us online. Taking care of your customer’s safety and peace of mind and preventing your company from being disguised, you need to be clear about who the email is coming from and even from which domain the company’s official emails are coming from. Is using another Gold Standard Double Opt-in for your subscribers to ensure their consent to receive newsletters, offers, product updates, etc.

Conversely, if a customer decides to unsubscribe from your list, you need to make this option available and easily accessible. You can also consider adding an unsubscribe title to make unsubscribing easier and allow the subscribers to manage their subscriptions in a separate list through the unsubscribe page. As a result, you are respectful and loyal to your customers.

Email accessibility

Once marketing emails reach the user’s inbox, you need to make sure that their content is accessible to as many people as possible. Be aware that if users can’t easily load an email, it can be trashed directly in a matter of seconds. The first thing you can take care of is the size of an email because if it is too large, for example, some email services like Gmail can clip your message at the same time and ruin your layout at the same time. The maximum recommended email size is 102KB Also, you can ensure that your emails are optimized for all email services

Another technical problem for you to consider is adding image alt text. In the case of a weak network connection, although the images will not load, the customer will at least see their details. Other email accessibility factors are more visual, including font size, color combinations, and clearer graphics. They must be readable and pleasing to the eye. Emails should be accessible across different devices, leading us to the next trend – mobile optimization.

Mobile optimization

Honestly, Mobile optimization shouldn’t really be considered a trend as the focus on preparing email for different devices has been with us for quite some time., But it’s still a regular practice, so we decided to add it to the list. We constantly use smartphones and tablets to read our emails, so your marketing emails need to be optimized for mobile devices. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

More and more users read emails in dark mode because it is more convenient, especially in low light conditions. What can be problematic is that if emails are not designed to be displayed in both light and dark modes, mobile devices often automatically reverse the colors, which may not always be the case according to your plan. This is why email design in both modes is really essential, especially for important elements like company logos. Additionally, you should make sure that both the size of the text and the image in the email are matched to the size of the screen so that you can avoid displays that make it difficult to read very small items.

Email Marketing 2022 Trends


The popularity of interactive emails is slowly but surely growing, but not for sure because they are not profitable or attractive, but because of the technical complexity. Developing interactive content in emails can be challenging, so many marketers decide not to use them. However, the advantages certainly outweigh the disadvantages as entrepreneurs have noticed an increase in sales of products advertised using AMP technology. And this is hardly surprising because interactive emails are entertaining and engaging. Also, the interactive elements in your emails really increase your clickthrough rate, which is essential, especially since now open rates are not relevant. As such, your email design should consider not only adding interactive graphics, links or CTAs but also surveys, forms and even email gamification.

User-created content

User-generated content is a great way to advertise your company and build its reputation. In promoting your business, nothing seems more powerful than content created for social proof. If you decide to include reviews, photos or videos of customer products in your email content, you have the opportunity to make a good impression on your customers and present yourself as a trusted, well-known and trusted brand.

A summary of the email marketing trends in 2022

Email marketing trends for the coming months show that you should have a more personalized approach to your customers, align your marketing content with their preferences, and respect their data and privacy more. You need to make sure that your customer experience is pleasing to both their mind and eyes. This can be achieved by focusing not only on content, but also on email accessibility, optimization for mobile devices, and interactive elements in your email. Now that you know what the 2022 email marketing trends are, you can work with confidence and enjoy the results. Good luck!

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