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Actively persuading your customers to pay less for their purchases may seem counterintuitive. But put yourself in their shoes How often do discounts encourage you to complete a purchase? Or to add more to your cart, just to meet the free shipping threshold? I’m pretty sure we all did it.

Discounts are not just about money saved. The psychology behind them is very strong because an interesting deal gives people emotional satisfaction and contentment. Your customers are happy before they receive the order!

So today, we’ll talk about syncing your Shopify promotional codes with your GetResponse emails. Not only will you be able to win the hearts of your customers with discounts on the products of their choice – but you will only need to make a few clicks to do so!

You can find GetResponse promotional codes on all plans

If you connect your Shopify store, you can use the discounts created there. If not, you can type them yourself.

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Why should you use promotional codes?

  • Abandoned car storage
    Sometimes sending an email is not enough to remind people about an unfinished order If you want to understand the unbeliever, some more incentives may be needed. A small discount or free shipping offer can tip the scale and turn a customer into a visitor.
  • Rewarding returning customers
    Everyone likes to feel appreciated. It’s a good idea to build a relationship with your returning customers and send them a coupon code after they spend a certain amount on your store or place multiple orders. Show them and value them and show how important they are to your business.
  • Storage cleaning
    If you want to delete your backlog and make room for new stock, sending a promotional code for a flash sale focusing on the items you want to see can work wonders. If you already have a graphic design for sale in your store, you can upload it to the drag-and-drop email editor to add it to your email with just one click.
  • Free shipping incentives
    Whether or not to offer free shipping – a classical ecommerce question. So far it has been well established that online shoppers are more inclined to complete orders when paying low (or nothing!) Shipping fees. Setting up an evergreen free shipping code on Shopify lets you easily add it to any type of message, automated or broadcast.
  • Manage seasonal sales quickly
    When you create a new promotional code in your Shopify store, it is immediately imported into GetResponse. This way you can plan seasonal campaigns and create your content before the busy season. Ensuring that the right codes are delivered to your customers at the right time allows you to focus on running your store without confusion.

How GetResponse promotional code works

Promotional codes can be added to your messages using a simple drag-and-drop box to the email editor. When you link a store to GetResponse, they are automatically imported. If your store is not yet connected to GetResponse (which you should, it’s very simple and will save you a lot of time!), You can type the code manually.

If your Shopify store is integrated, you can use any discount created on Shopify in all types of messages.

Helpful Tip: Be sure to send the correct code to the right recipients – if the code is exclusive and only certain customers can use it, make sure you are not sending it to all your contacts.

How to use GetResponse promotional code

First, you need to create a promotional code in your Shopify store.

Here’s how they look on the Shopify dashboard. For instructions on how to create them on Shopify, see their Help Center tutorial.

Add your Shopify promo code to the GetResponse email editor with just a few clicks and send it to your customers.
GetResponse integration adds Shopify promo code to your email with just a few clicks!

Once you’re done, you’ll need to go to GetResponse Email Creator and drag the promotional code box into your message.

If you’ve already integrated your Shopify store using our great plugin, a list of available promotional codes will be automatically imported and accessible via a drop-down list like the one below.

Select any Shopify promotional code in the GetResponse email editor.  They are synced automatically in real time.
Coupon codes in GetResponse are automatically synced with your Shopify store

Click here for a step-by-step guide to using promotional codes in your messages

Where you can use promotional codes

You can add promotional codes to different types of messages – newsletters, auto-responses, automation messages.

They all use a simple drag-and-drop editor, so you can easily create beautiful messages to send your code.

When creating your email you can choose from a number of primed templates designed specifically for the occasion. No need to spend time making these from scratch. Send them straight out of the box or adjust them to match your style – and that’s it! You also have a text box ready to help you save time on written sections.

In GetResponse Email Editor you can find readymade designs filled with ready-to-go text templates.
GetResponse templates provide both design and text, so you can create stunning emails in no time!

If you want to design a message yourself so that it matches your brand style, you can do it without any coding to a simple but powerful email editor.

GetResponse Drag-and-Drop Editor creates your own email template effortlessly and quickly.
GetResponse Creating your own email layout is quick and easy with the drag-and-drop editor

Depending on the scenario in your mind, you can create a special message with a promotional code as the main point of interest or use it to sweeten the rest of the content.

On Black Friday, for example, you can keep it small and sweet with a dark box featuring the discounts you offer. Default templates can help you differentiate yourself from the sea of ​​messages your customers receive around that date.

On the other hand, when building brand loyalty with meaningful messages, adding a promotional code as a frosting on the cake may work better. Why not personalize it, too? If you reward a returning customer, tell them how much you appreciate them. Let them know that you are happy that they like your product and invite them to come back for more. Promotional codes don’t have to be the sole star of this kind of message, but it can certainly make it more relevant.

With GetResponse integration for Shopify, you have the freedom to send promotional codes when you need them. Using marketing automation can streamline this into a useful process. The journey may be different for certain customer groups to activate something, get others back, or empty your storage.

Read more about the best automation solutions for Shopify.

Think about what works for you as a customer, check out some proven techniques, and then automate it in GetResponse to make it work for you in the background.

Click here for Shopify’s guide on shipping fee strategy.

When you send a message with a promotional code, evaluate which type of code works best for you Be sure to monitor the results and adjust your strategies.

Learn more about the best email marketing practices here.

Is free shipping working that well? Maybe it’s a good idea to try to offer an “Buy X to get Y free” upsell code. Or conversely, is free shipping doing its job wonderfully but orders are small? Try to offer them only when the order reaches a certain value. This way your customers will still get a nice treat and you will be able to optimize the order quality.


Using promotional codes can increase your revenue and help build relationships with your customers. Count each message by sending the correct code at the right time. Make your messages compelling and compelling – it’s really easy when you use a simple visual editor with a premade asset!

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to offer all kinds of promotional codes at once. As your store grows, you can always introduce new types.

Your discount strategy can help you get more sales and customers stay longer with your store. GetResponse will keep your codes in sync with Shopify, so even if you need to start a quick flash sale, you can do it on the go.

Remember what we said in the beginning. For special promotions, discounts and even free shipping you have a reason to get such offers from the brands themselves – because it works! Now you can use them for your business too!

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