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Do You Have a Good Social Media Strategy?

good social media strategyYou need a good social media strategy if you are going to make the most of your internet marketing. So what’s a good social media strategy? Let’s talk about the basics.

First, you need to makes sure you have social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook. Why? Because that is where your potential customers are spending a lot of their time. Part of a good social media strategy includes being in front of your target audience.

You absolutely need someone to monitor and manage your social media sites. Consistency is critical to social media marketing and too many solo operators and small businesses miss the consistency required. They forget to add content, get too busy doing other things, struggle to decide what to post, etc… A solution would be to either add more staff, assign the job to existing staff, or outsource your social media management to a service dedicated to that function.

It’s never good to let your social profiles get stagnant. If someone sees your account and notices that it’s been a long time since anything was posted or sees a lot of unanswered questions and comments, this looks bad on your business. It just makes good business sense to have someone committed to consistent promotion and management.

A good social media strategy can help your business increase its reach, build brand exposure, get more traffic to your web site, generate leads, and drive sales.

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