How This Business Owner Increased Clicks by 50% with an AMP Poll

Kathy Simmonsen asked her audience for more engagement from high-ranking officials – she got it via AMP for email.

Kathi Simonsen’s business, MediaGrowth, provides training and support to a community of B2B media executives. His business is successful because his series of newsletters have been sent to potential and current clients.

A newsletter with a high opening rate, but a low clickthrough rate

MediaGrowth’s newsletter was well-received: Kathi consistently saw an open rate of 25% to 45%.

But his clickthrough rate was low. Even less to mention.

Kathy knew she had her eyes on the emails. How can he get his executives more hired – communicate with his email?

Eureka! A webinar about AMP for email aroused his interest

While thinking about her low click rate issue, Kathi noticed an AWeber webinar on AMP for email.

Before Webinar, he had never heard of AMP for email. But I quickly learned that this is a new technology that allows you to do interactive email.

Through AMP, he realized he could create a better experience for his customers by adding elements such as polls, GIFs, carousels, live ads, and even fully functional ecommerce stores directly to an email.

It’s no secret that interactive content creates more engagement (just think of an Instagram poll).

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Kathi has set up AMP for email

A natural inventor in her B2B space, Kathi immediately saw the value of AMP. So he reached out to our team to help set up a poll.

Note: Before Kathi (or you) added the AMP component to an email, AMP setup is required.

How to enable AMP in AWeber

There are several things you need to do before you can start sending AMP emails to AWeber. Follow these steps to your own account.

1. Set up a custom DKIM record

All emails including the AMP content pass DKIM verification test need to be sent for the security specification part of the AMP.

If you have your domain in IONOS, GoDaddy or Google Domains, good news! You can set up a custom DKIM record with just a few clicks Go to the domains and addresses in your account, add your domain, and then click “Connect Domain” and follow the instructions.

GIF shows you how to connect your domain to AWeber.

2. Register with mailbox providers to send dynamic emails

Register here to send dynamic emails to all participating providers (Gmail, Yahoo !, and You will have to wait for approval.

Her next email included a dynamic poll

Kathi had the idea of ​​creating a poll in her weekly newsletter to start providing a new opportunity for her audience to be engaged. Although the polls have not yet been created in Drag & Drop Builder, our team has worked with Kathi 1-on-1 to help her create a custom dynamic poll to send to her clients.

Results! 50% improvement on click

Kathi’s first vote was successful. He saw a 50% increase in interactions from his emails – as a direct result of the vote.

Below is a look at how his pole is positioned:

AMP poll in Kathir's email.

Kazi is very excited to do more.

Consistency generates clicks. He now sets expectations for his subscribers to see the poll and other AMP material in the future. And that will only result in more engagement.

Remember that when you introduce a new element, a new language, or a new visual into your email marketing stream, the best way to measure your audience is to adjust and send over time. Noticing.

Ready, set, AMP!

Our first AMP component has already been created in our drag and drop editor! After setting up as an AMP sender, you can create a carousel of images to flip your viewers.

Showing AMP carousel in an email.

Interested in using more plug-and-play AMP elements in your email? Sign up for our email list and we’ll get in touch whenever we have an update (lots of great stuff coming soon).

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