How This Health and Lifestyle Coach Scaled Her Business

Elizabeth manages and promotes a sale and finds a new measurable source of income, all through AWeber’s landing pages.

Elizabeth Resnick is a Double Certified Health Instructor and owner of Happy, Healthy and Hot – where she trains successful women (and some men) on weight loss and fitness, focusing on building a healthier lifestyle.

Her visitors come from social media, but she makes money by selling 90-minute intensive – One coaching session after another. People specifically sign up for food recipes, workouts and tips and get personalized help from them.

Limited client, limited time

Elizabeth sells coaching one after another. And he needs to set his prices high enough for his business to be profitable. But some of her potential clients may not be willing or able to pay for her session.

Even if everyone can afford his sessions, he has limited time to offer them. So Elizabeth began looking for more affordable and scalable methods of monetization – while still offering her clients the same amazing value.

A summer sale sparks a new revenue stream

Since eCommerce landing pages are free on Elizabeth’s AWeber account, she decided to make a sale by offering a 1-hour zoom session for $ 74.

Since setting up a landing page is so easy, a sale for July 4th was a no-brainer (it’s not too late to work on a summer body).

A landing page that says "Sale!  1 1-hour zoom at 74."

Elizabeth set up a sales page with her Stripe Integration – and it was a roaring success. He has sold more sessions than he imagined.

He found a new revenue stream: shorter sessions at lower prices. But Elizabeth did not have the time to give a one-on-one session to all those who wanted a session in the long run.

His business was booming but he still had a problem – his time for coaching was limited.

A scalable business model

How could Elizabeth scale her new business model? With group sessions, just like that!

He has created a new program called “You Next Level in 2022” that offers 4 weeks of group coaching. Check out the amazing sales page he created for it at AWeber:

A landing page that says "4 weeks group coaching.  In 2022 you will be at the next level!"

He charges slightly less per person and recommends the same great recipes, workouts and group video calls. But, better yet, the people who join his team are able to talk among themselves about the struggles, successes and tips.

Elizabeth is building a community.

By reducing individual value, Elizabeth can now offer health and happiness to a larger audience. And, since he serves more than one person at a time, he’s actually making more money every hour – and overall.

How can I? You Scale Yours Business?

Do you charge per hour for your services? Are you looking for a way to scale too?

First, try offering a sale with AWeber eCommerce. You can set up a new landing page to offer your services at a lower cost What you may find is that you have a large audience of people who want your services, but feel more comfortable paying less.

How to add a buy button to your landing page:

A GIF showing how to add eCommerce content to the AWeber landing page.

Then, you have two options. You can combine several similar clients and offer bulk services at a lower price per person.

If your service does not lend itself to group sessions, fine! Sometimes people don’t want other people to know that they need help in certain areas. Try a class, webinar, or paid video course instead (you can charge for any of these using a free AWeber landing page).

Need help getting started, customize one of our 100+ landing page templates.

Learn from your experience and repeat. Who knows, you might find a new monetization track like Elizabeth

How quickly he started

Elizabeth got her new revenue stream and running in less than an hour. How? Starts with 3 pre-built landing page templates in his AWeber account.

These landing pages were perfect for his business.

Here are three landing pages that Elizabeth uses to grow and monetize her business:

  1. Ecommerce page for limited time sales
Buy Sales Landing Page Now.

Copy this page to your account.

All you need to set up a sales page is a landing page and a stripe account. Copy one of our dozens of landing page templates to your account, attach a stripe and add a purchase button and update the page with your details.

Then click “Publish” and start promoting it. Once your sale is complete, you can redirect the URL to another page or remove it.

  1. Post purchase thanks page
Thank you landing page.

Copy this page to your account.

Once someone buys your service or course, you need to thank them – and let them know when and how they will receive it. You can set up an auto-responder to send them an email, but also redirect them to a Thanksgiving page.

Let your new clients know what they will get and when they will get it You can even set up this page to include a video or course that they might expect.

  1. Link page for social media BIOS
Link and discount landing page with a newsletter sign up.

Copy this page to your account.

If you use Instagram or TikTok for your social media marketing, you know that they only offer one link – in your bio. Set up a mobile friendly link list page. Include any affiliate links, lead magnets, your sales page (s), and of course, a sign up form in your newsletter.

Try AWeber today

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Also, AWeber has over 100 landing page templates that you can use for your business (completely free).

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