How to Analyze Your SMS Campaign Data

How to analyze your campaign data

The most effective political campaign managers use data to report their actions. If you have a lot of data for your SMS marketing campaign and aren’t sure what to do with it, you’ve come to the right place.

This blog post guides you through each feature of a text messaging report. Learn what to look for when analyzing your text message data.

SMS engagement rate

More engagement means more donations, answers and shares With SMS marketing, you have a variety of options for creating compelling text messages, from text messages to GIFs, images, audio files and more. At Tatango, we encourage our clients to use a combination of SMS and MMS (Multimedia Message Service) messages. Provide the most compelling content for their supporters.

To increase engagement rate, try using MMS message. MMS messages allow subject lines, which can arouse curiosity and entice customers to take action. A topic with a clear call to action can help increase the line open and keep the level of interest high. Examine your subject lines to make sure they are intriguing enough to open recipients and read more. Try featuring action-based phrases such as:

  • “Open to find out …”
  • “We don’t want you to miss it …”
  • “[First name]We depend on you … “
  • “You won’t believe it …”
  • “Listen first …”

Or, try another SMS marketing strategy that wins engagement: segmentation. With segmentation, text message marketers can design messages for different groups, events, locations or announcements from customers. For example, you can post a video after a fundraising event highlighting the most influential moments for members who couldn’t attend.

Tatango Design Studio helps our clients design attractive MMS messages at no extra cost.

Unsubscribe rate

The unsubscribing section of your text messaging report is one of the most important sections to analyze. Use this section to measure the level of interest of your audience in your messages and whether you are sending the right frequency of messages.

For example, when testing the quality of your messages, ask yourself if your customers find your messages attractive and insightful, or polite and unobtrusive. If your subscription rate is consistently high, this may indicate that your messages are not as relevant as possible. To make your messages more compelling, try sharing your audience, using merge tags to personalize your messages with first names or cities, or send messages after breaking news and campaign events.

Keep an eye on subscription requests as you adjust the number of messages you send. Try not to overwhelm customers with multiple messages per week. Messages should be timely and relevant. When communicating with supporters, keep in mind the time of day in the subscriber time zone. Keeping all these things in mind will ensure that your supporters stay connected.

The truth is, you lose a small percentage of customers with each submission. Our data shows that around 3% subscribers Sending your political campaign text message will opt out And that’s perfectly fine as long as you’re working to add new customers. If your list is the same or growing, keep sending. If you’re losing subscribers, you’re sending too many, or you’re not adding enough subscribers to make up for the loss – or both.

Click-through rate

Next, check the click rate. Click rate data shows how effective your call to action is.

Don’t be afraid to tell your customers exactly what you want them to do and when you want them to do it. Subscribers want to know how to support you. After all, they trusted your political propaganda enough to pick up your text messages. If you add a link to your message, be sure to let customers know what they will find in that link. For example, adding a link to phrases like “click here for VIP ticket” and “donate now” helps attract your fans and tells them how and where to support you.

Creating compelling content is one of the most challenging part of running a successful text message marketing campaign. From the intelligence level to compelling ideas for compelling messages and bringing them to life requires skills that the average marketer may not have. This is why Tatango offers access to our clients Tatango Design Studio Customers without any charge. Our team of experts is ready to help you design a message that engages and keeps customers informed. Our experts have over 14 years of experience supporting the most successful text message marketing campaigns in the country.


Finally, let’s explore Donation Information To determine your grant, we recommend applying this simple formula:

(Total Grant / Message Recipient) * 1000

For example, if you received a 100,000 grant from a text message sent to a list of 500,000 subscribers, you received an average of 20 cents for each subscriber on your list. This formula lets you measure how effective your messages were across a huge subset. Then, whether you send 300 people or you send 3 million, the data becomes equal, which gives you a clear picture of which text messages have received the most donations.

To maximize your average donations, try using the strategies above, such as featuring eye-catching MMS messages, using action-oriented language, making clear calls to action, customizing your messages, and sending texts on time. You can even include a suggested donation amount in your text messages, such as “Donate 10 now:”It’s a specific call to action that guides your supporters and eliminates the fatigue of deciding how much to donate.

Get special campaign data analysis

Tatango’s experts know what to look for and how to adjust your campaign for ultimate success. Contact your Tatango account representative Today to help analyze your message report data and identify areas for growth.

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