How to Create Audio Files Using the Tatango Design Studio

How to create audio files using Tatango Design Studio

Text messaging is one of the most popular ways to communicate with campaign supporters. Statistics show that customers prefer text messages over emails. In addition, consumers at least open text messages Four times more often However, this remarkable opening rate is not a guarantee other than email. Creating compelling text messages is a difficult thing for text message marketers to learn. This is why Tatango offers our clients exclusive access to Tatango Design Studio.

In this article, we explain the benefits of MMS messaging and take you step-by-step through the process of creating audio files with Tatango Design Studio.

What is an MMS message?

MMS is short for multimedia messages. Chief The difference between MMS and SMS messages MMS offers a wide range of features. For example, with the Tatango platform, clients can use up to 5,000 characters in an MMS message. This is much higher than the 160-character standard in SMS messages. MMS messages allow users to include a subject line, image, GIF, video and audio file.

How to create audio files using Tatango Design Studio

Campaigns and companies often prefer to send MMS message Due to the wide creative opportunity to create interesting content for customers. MMS messaging has several advantages. Statistics show that the opening rate for MMS messages exceeds 99% This is because MMS messages usually tempt recipients to read more According to the MobileSquared Controversial Ads report, consumers open up Within three minutes of receiving 90% marketing text message.

What is Tatango Design Studio?

Tatango experts know how time consuming it can be to create audio files, GIFs and videos for MMS messages. This is one of the most common challenges that organizations face. Often there is not enough time, resources or staff to create quality MMS messages. Also, these tasks require special skills and knowledge about format, size, and bandwidth that may not come up during a brainstorming session.

We created Tatango Design Studio To help you create the most compelling content for your campaign. Our experts have over 14 years of experience supporting the most successful text message marketing campaigns in the country. When you become a Tatango Client, you will have exclusive access to all the benefits that Tatango Design Studio has to offer, including support through the process of bringing your MMS ideas to life from start to finish.

It has one of the most attractive MMS features – Audio File 7

How to create audio files using Tatango Design Studio

Audio file in MMS message

There are some great benefits to using audio files as a way to reach your content or customers. Audio files can give your campaign a voice. Adding a personal touch to messages using audio files is a surefire way for customers to remember. Statistics show that when using compelling media content to keep fans interested, Busyness increases by 300%.

How to create audio files using Tatango Design Studio

Audio files are one of the most accessible forms of MMS message content you can create. In their simplest form, all you need to create an audio file is a smartphone and a person who can record the message. However, campaigns need to be more tactful when it comes to what they send to their customers. Tatango Design Studio experts can animate a simple recorded message through sound effects, music and technology to ensure that your fans receive only the highest quality audio.

Through the Tatango platform, our clients can send MMS messages to specific customers through the customer segmentation tool. They can send messages to groups of customers based on data such as location and keywords. Imagine the effect a Personalized thank you audio message Will be on New customers. Instead of sending a generic, text-only thank-you note, consider recording an audio message created just for supporters who have recently opted in to your text message campaign.

With our segmentation tool, you can send messages using multiple identifiers. High engagement and the ability to create innovative audio messages that are clearly designed for long-term purchases by targeting specific messages for detailed identification such as customer’s first name and amount of donations. Individual donors are the backbone of any grassroots campaign. Their a Personal outcry whenever they send financial aid Keep your candidates in the competition.

Imagine a candidate has finished a big debate or press conference. Send a record to your customers A snippet of the most important moments from the stage So that they do not miss any big moment, and feel compelled to forward your shared mission.

How to create audio files using Tatango Design Studio

How to create audio files using Tatango Design Studio

When you select Tatango as your text message marketing platform, you get access to countless services to help launch a successful campaign. One of these facilities is Tatango Design Studio 6 If you are a Tatango client, you can start creating audio files in just three easy steps.

First, contact your account representative and let them know you’re ready to work with a design studio expert. Next, share your ideas and your vision for the final product with our in-house designer. Finally, let’s take the experts from there. That’s right, all you have to do is share your ideas with our experts. We’ll all lift heavy. Help us keep your footing when creating quality audio files to share with your subscribers.

Contact Tatango Design Studio experts

Get the many benefits of partnering with Tatango. Contact your account representative today to share your ideas. They’ll connect you with one of our design experts and we’ll start creating the audio files you dream of sending. If you haven’t worked with Tatango yet, Contact us to know more About the exclusive benefits available to our clients like Design Studio.

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