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How To Create Automated Income

how to create automated incomeAre you wanting to learn how to create automated income? Before we dive in, let’s be clear. There will be work required in the beginning. What folks call “automated income” isn’t about a magic flow of money. It’s more about setting up a system that brings you income on a consistent level.

An example often used as automated income is Affiliate Marketing. And, it is a great example. But the key is to recognize that those who succeed with Affiliate Marketing do the actual work involved to find products, set up relationships with the suppliers or brokers, and then work on generating leads, nurturing those relationships, and ultimately generating sales.

The income is considered “automated” because once the real work is done, the income can continue coming over and over again. When the work is done to create effective systems, the income can be as simple as sending out an offer to your targeted list and watching sales come in.

This is how TrafficWave users like George McBride have set up systems that can allow him to send out an offer and have hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars come in while he sleeps. You can see some great examples of how he made this happen by checking our some of our recent Email Marketing Monday sessions here. Most people, when they hear stories like this think,  “Yeah, I want to click a button and have money coming in.”

But the real work that leads up to that success is what most miss. George and users like him have taken the time to get the training, learn the tools, and then put the tools in action.

Like a carpenter, there is more to building a house than buying a hammer. The carpenter must use the hammer, a saw, a drill, a number of other tools, and materials. There is also time required to pick up the required skills.

We highly recommend learning these powerful tools and putting them to use to create your own flow of automated income.

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