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Looking for email marketing results?

Email marketing resultsYou are not alone. This article shows you how to get email marketing results for your business. It’s a lot easier than you might think.

When it comes to getting tough email marketing results, we need to start with understanding the goal. If your goal is to “sell more things”, you are not mistaken but you want to make an adjustment. As you “help more people” we suggest adjusting how you express your goal.

This will help you shift your focus from more “received” to more “paid” and will ultimately lead to better email marketing results.

Determine how your offer helps people solve a problem. Create your ad copy, sales copy, follow-up message, etc … to help prospects understand how you can help them solve whatever the problem is. Once you’ve dialed it, there are a few simple tricks to make sure you’re using it.

Let’s get started:

Dial in single focus

When we try to be everything to everyone, we see someone who is not getting good results. Focus your message on your potential pain points so you can show them how your offer can help. Focusing on one of your messages will avoid confusion and help build credibility with your prospects.

Include a clear call to action

Your call to action is how your readers know what to do to learn more. Instead of adding an image linked to your sales page, make sure that the image or the copy around the image prompts readers to click. Keep it short. Keep it simple. Transparency goes a long way here.

Your message is personalized

Add the name of the probability to the subject line for a solid open rate. Personalize your messages so they know you’re addressing them

Don’t focus on selling alone

Obviously, you want sales. But if you focus on selling all your message content, you will lose credibility. Focus on adding value and sales will come.

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