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How To Get TrafficWave Free

get trafficwave freeWe’ve had a few folks ask how to get TrafficWave Free of charge and I am more than happy to show you exactly how you can make that happen.

It’s really pretty simple. For a detailed overview of our compensation plan to see how you can earn significant income, click here. This article is going to focus on showing you exactly how you can get TrafficWave free. What this will mean for you is that you effectively have a zero cost lead generation and followup system you can use in your business. So, let’s look at how this works.

The TrafficWave Affiliate Plan is designed to reward you for referring other TrafficWave users. How do we reward you? We pay you commissions based on the sales volume generated by your referrals.

Our Weekly Fast Track plan pays you every Monday for each new active referral you send to TrafficWave through your Affiliate site. So, to take the really slow path, you could refer just one new active referral for the month. You would receive a 100% Fast Track Bonus. How would you refer this new active referral?

Chances are, you know someone who has a business, now. You can quickly and easily let them know about the system you are using to generate leads, follow up, and drive sales. Share your Affiliate link with them. They will be able to join as a free trial member or can skip the free trial and pay $17.95 to join as an Active member. When they pay to activate their account, you earn the Weekly Fast Track Bonus.

When you receive that commission, set it aside and use that to pay for your next month’s subscription.

Can you refer more than one? Absolutely. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send our way. You will be paid a Fast Track Bonus on each new active referral.

In addition to reaching out to other entrepreneurs you know, you can quickly and easily post links in your social media channels.

So, what happens after month 1? As TrafficWave is a monthly subscription service, your referrals will be paying $17.95 per month for these powerful tools. The referrals direct to you on your first level will result in $6 each month. $6 x 3 is $18. Your ongoing monthly subscription costs can be covered with this commission balance we send each month.

If you just keep up a consistent activity of posting and referring, you can refer more and your monthly income can continue to grow. You can go beyond getting TrafficWave free and building a profitable income stream as a TrafficWave Affiliate.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!

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