How to Position Your App for the Holiday

For app owners, Easter Holiday offers plenty of opportunities for users to acquire and retain. To get the best results with your mobile marketing efforts before the holidays, you need to optimize your campaigns to connect with potential and existing users. There are many ways you can take full advantage of Easter to put your app on top of competitors and succeed through your app.

To help you increase user acquisitions through mobile marketing this April, here are some effective Easter marketing strategies.


Optimize your App Store page

All you need to do is locate your app and make sure it’s visible in the App Store. App Store Optimization (ASO) A great way to make sure people find you first when searching for your app category in the App Store.

You can start by making sure that your description accurately describes your app and lists the various features included, which you can update to include Easter-themed items. Your screenshots may also include images from your app’s Easter theme if you want to integrate one, something you can do before each big holiday.

To help improve your app’s performance in the App Store, ask users to review it via in-app messages. This can help drive more positive reviews that contribute to increased rankings.

Easter-themed offers and gifts

A great way to get people excited about the holidays and keep them connected to your app is to offer offers and gifts to users. Offers may include deals for certain items in your app, such as discounts on products in an ecommerce app or in-app purchases for other types of apps. This will help increase sales over the holidays.

Make sure your offers are already available to give people plenty of time to shop Additionally, let users know the end date of the sale period to commit more people to shopping. To make the most of this holiday, you may want to end the sale deadline after Easter Monday to give people more time to get involved.

Additionally, you can launch Easter-themed contests on social media that encourage people to use your app and share their experiences in exchange for a chance to win a free gift. For example, encourage people on Twitter to share Easter-related stories related to your app section, including a relevant hashtag associated with your brand. You can then select one or more lucky winners to receive a specific gift item, including free products or app-mediated items.

Send Easter eggs via text message and push notifications

As Easter sales and deals approach, let people know about them via SMS text messages and push notifications. This can help bring existing users back to your app and significantly increase engagement.

When using these methods of communication, practice some precautions. If you send them frequently, you can annoy your audience instead of enticing users. In general, Sending push notifications about three to five times per week Ideal for keeping users engaged without disturbing them and turning off notifications and text.

In your text campaign, you may want to implement the following best practices:

  • Create a schedule for messages that keep them consistent, even if they are not too frequent or rare.
  • Share with the audience to make sure all messages are relevant and appropriate for the recipient based on their needs and interests.
  • Keep messages consistently short and avoid using too many emojis or messages that last too long – people should be encouraged to open the app to learn more.

To make sure your messages hit people right, try to personalize them as much as possible It can address users by name along with your notifications In an ecommerce app, you can send notifications along with suggested gifts and other items based on user interest and order history. You can supplement these with emails to connect with the people on your contact list so that they can reach people who may not have SMS text or push notifications enabled.

Use Easter pictures in your app

As with other holidays, your app should bring people to the Easter spirit with a design that reflects this holiday.

There are many ways to bring Easter into the user experience. For example, you can use bright pastel colors with light shades of yellow, blue, green, orange, pink and purple for icons and backgrounds. Also, don’t hesitate to use Easter-related shapes and letters from eggs and baskets to rabbits and rabbit ears. Painted egg pictures can add more color to your app and make people more excited about the holidays.

The more people your app prepares for Easter, the more interested they will be in making in-app purchases and taking other steps to prepare for the holidays.

Turn on the Easter ad

Easter-centric advertising campaigns may complement other ads. You can include Easter-themed designs in your visual ads when targeting Easter-related keywords in your PPC campaigns. In particular, look for keywords in the niche of your app and try to target them to make sure your ads appear on top of others. Based on your ad performance, you can continually optimize your campaigns to achieve maximum ROI.

By using the keywords you discover when researching PPC ads, you can optimize other marketing materials. For example, you may discover that Easter egg hunting keywords are more popular in your app section than holiday discounts and sales. In this case, you may want to create a campaign around Easter egg hunting, which may include fun social media campaigns and “hunting” for more specific gifts and discounts.

Cadbury has launched one Virtual Easter egg hunting last year, Which forces users to find Cadbury’s cream eggs hidden in other brands’ ads, billboards and social feeds, enabling users to upload those pictures to take pictures and enter the chance to win real cream eggs. Feel free to get creative with these campaigns to keep your app users busy this season.

Reduce your cart abandonment rate

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems for ecommerce businesses, especially on mobile devices when users get confused and it is easier to switch to another mobile app or site. Today, people surround shopping carts 70-90% of the timeMakes it important for you to minimize these numbers Holiday shopping season.

In addition to other types of Easter-related texts and push notifications, you can send reminders that items are still left in users’ carts. In the process, you can let them know that those items have a limited amount of time left before the end of the holiday in the case of gifts. To further reduce abandonment rates, you may want to send discounts on items in their carts or shipping to encourage people to complete their orders.

Another way to reduce cart abandonment rate is to check your app user flow. Consider how many pages your app has when people go through the checkout process. The shorter the distance between adding items to a cart and completing an order, the lower your abandonment rate will be because buyers will benefit from a more efficient process.

Create a sense of urgency with reminders to end sales

As the holidays draw to a close, you can drive more traffic and last-minute sales to your app by sending push notifications, text and in-app reminders that sales are coming to an end soon. Again, waiting for your sale to end after Easter Monday is ideal because many people celebrate this day after Easter Sunday.

Let people know that they have only X time left before taking advantage of the sales period, with personalized offers that engage more people. You can include a countdown to your app with a watch that indicates how long people have to complete in-app purchases. This will create the fear of losing (FOMO) and bring more users back to your app.

You can combine these reminders with cart abandonment reminders to let buyers know they only have a certain number of days left to finish their order and send their gifts.

Align your app with Easter to increase acquisitions and engagement

By creating the right Easter marketing strategies for your app, you will have the opportunity to increase your user base while engaging existing users until Easter. The key is to dedicate a lot of time and effort to this campaign so that the holiday season draws closer, so you can benefit from some outside help.

If you’re not sure how to connect with the audience this Easter and increase user acquisition through your next campaign, the App Samurai platform can help. Using the app Samurai UAP, you can get the help you need to attract new users while retaining and maximizing sales. To begin with, Sign up for the App Samurai Dashboard And contact our experienced customer successful managers, who can help you strategize for the upcoming Easter holidays.


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