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b2b blog post ideas

Content marketing is a top priority for B2B marketers with nearly 91% of B2B organizations using content marketing in their overall marketing strategy. But, with busy schedules and limited bandwidth, it can be a challenge to sit down and churn out multiple original blogs, especially when it’s difficult to think of new ideas for blog topics. Coming up with engaging, fresh and high-quality content regularly is not an easy task, but it is still critical to do so as much as possible. Regular and timely content not only contributes to your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, but it is also an opportunity to show your audiences on a variety of channels, including social media, email marketing and more, that you are actively engaged in your industry and up to speed on current trends. Blogs are also a great opportunity to provide new and valuable information to your existing and potential buyers.

We’ve outlined ten of our favorite blog topic ideas that you can utilize and make your own, resulting in drawing new and repeat visitors to your website, all while building upon existing customer relationships.

1. Highlight Clients in Testimonials

When you receive positive campaign results from a client or even a few compliments about a deliverable or project, it can be a great idea to turn it into a client testimonial. 72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a brand or company. This goes to show just how important these testimonials are and are an easy thing to turn into a blog post. This can be a segue into additional customer success stories.

Example: Client Spotlight: Launch Helps Chastain Partners Elevate Marketing Activities

2. Interview a Subject Matter Expert 

Is there someone within your industry who you want to have a conversation with? Is there someone that is an industry leader with knowledge on a topic you want to learn more about? Consider reaching out to them for a short interview. You can prepare a list of questions about industry trends or a particular problem. Utilize the responses as part of a blog post.

Example: Launching a B2B Product or Service in a Pandemic: Four Questions Answered

3. Discuss and Debunk Common Misconceptions 

Every industry has its fair share of myths and misconceptions. A blog post could be an ideal opportunity to set the record straight by addressing them and educating your audience at the same time.

Example: 5 B2B Content Marketing Mistakes and How To Fix Them

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are some of the most common questions your customers ask? You most likely have a list of them or have heard a few more consistently than others. Compile these questions, answer them and turn those answers into one or more blogs. FAQ-style blogs are a very popular type as people can visit the post and get many of the answers they have been looking for.

Example: “Why Nurture?” and Other B2B Marketing FAQs

5. Update on New Industry Trends

A B2B blog topic idea marketers like to utilize is highlighting new industry trends. There are always new trends emerging and getting phased out, so it is important to keep audiences updated on what is going on. Consider a trending topic and add a unique perspective to it.

Example: B2B Content Marketing Trends in 2022  

6. Create a List

Just like we are doing in this blog, create a list of top ideas on a certain marketing or industry topic. Plus, putting things into a list format is appealing to the eye and visitors can easily scroll through or focus on certain areas in the list that matter most to them.

Example: Top B2B Marketing Resources for 2022

7. Reveal Best Practices, Tips and Tricks 

Some of the most useful and practical information comes in the form of tips, tricks and best practices. Readers want valuable information and blogs that reveal a few best practices or actionable tips can make the most impact. You could even turn your tips into a recurring blog segment such as “Quick Tips with Launch Marketing.”

Example: Best Practices for B2B Website Redesign

8. Give an Overview of an Event 

Many B2B marketers attend events, webinars or conferences, whether they are virtual or not. But, don’t think what is being learned or discussed at these events is for nothing. Take the information, conversations or keynote speaker talking points and turn those into a blog post. This is a great way to share the experience.

Example: Highlights from Marketo Summit 2012 Day 1

9. Write a Book or Report Review

Content marketers are constantly researching and learning, so why not share a review on something interesting that you read? Whether it is information from a report, book or infographic, writing a review is a unique B2B blog topic idea, but can be very valuable to audiences.

Example: Digital Marketing Reviews/Book Summaries

10. Debrief on a Major Milestone

There are many milestones a company has, including an anniversary, new employee hires, new clients and so much more. Audiences like to feel connected to companies by reading about more personable experiences. You could write a blog about the 20th anniversary of the company and what has happened since its founding, talk about new team members or even highlight a charitable event your team was recently involved in.  

Example: Amplify Austin 2022: A Day of Giving to Reimagine and Support the Future

While this is only a short list of ideas for B2B blog posts, we hope it does get your creative mind thinking about how to utilize these or inspire new ideas. Have additional questions about blogging or content marketing? Contact Launch Marketing today or request a free marketing consultation to see how we can help. As a B2B marketing firm, we help teams take their campaign and content development to the next level for long-term success.

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