Instagram and your Employer Brand

By Hey Lisa, Director of Business Operations at Heinz Marketing

Instagram has been a long neglected social media platform for us as an organization. As a B2B company, this is not a valuable channel for us. Instead, we have used other channels that are more useful for exchanging information, where we feel we are seeing potential, e.g. Twitter And LinkedIn. (We probably didn’t give it a fair shot for B2B marketing, to be honest, but it’s a post for another day.)

But we’re missing out on a huge opportunity on Instagram all this time – and it’s showing off our employer brand.

What is an employer brand?

An employer brand is the image of people about the employment experience in your company. It is a human concept based on your company’s culture, work environment and employee benefits. And when successfully leveraged, it will help you attract top talent-candidates who are a good match for your company’s culture.

How much time have you spent thinking about your employer brand? If you don’t, you should.

I recently saw a great LinkedIn learning course Employer branding to attract top talent With Roberta Matuson, Global Strategist, Advisor, Writer and President of Matuson Consulting. Roberta goes into detail about why employer brand is so important, why reputation is important, what top candidates want, how to apply to candidates, how to make an emotional connection and how to communicate with your brand.

If you are interested in attracting the right people to your organization, who will add to the culture of your company, I highly encourage you to check it out.

Roberta explains that in order to create a compelling employer brand you must ask yourself four questions:

  • Am I clear who I’m trying to attract?
  • Why should someone come to work for you?
  • Does it really want to work for us? Real stories, not aspirations.
  • Does my candidate experience come out of the crowd?

And when you have the answers to these questions, are you showing that brand to the outside world? You may have an amazing company culture, but if you don’t show it externally, no one outside of your network will know.

Recruitment challenge

As with almost everything now, it seems like a tough recruitment market. Job seekers have many options, and the good ones are quickly snatched away.

The fact of the matter is that people do a lot of research when looking for new places of employment. With the help of the Internet at their fingertips, they will search for your company’s information long before they apply, googling and scrolling through social profiles in search of scoop. In a candidate’s market, you have to stop him before anyone knows he’s there.

You need to show your employer’s brand externally.

When candidates are looking for a new place of employment, they are often looking for things like job security, development opportunities, opportunities to work with a good team, shared values ​​and positive feedback from those who work there. Do you have anything that displays that information to find them?

That’s where Instagram came in for us.

Instagram and employer brands

Instagram can be a great place to show who you are as a company. Any company, in any industry, can use Instagram to showcase their employer brand. According to a quick Google search, there were 1.074 billion Instagram users worldwide in 2021, and 71% of the monthly active users of the Instagram app are under the age of 35 – probably a population you want to hire.

We recently Our own page revived So we can start showcasing our amazing company culture and promoting our employer brand. Every week we celebrate employees’ anniversaries with flowers, charitable donations, “coworkers” working in our home (nowadays “shout out to all the pets in the office to keep us company!”), And our employees inside and outside the workplace.

Above all, it is our unique experience that combines to build a rich company culture that we want to share with the world — and attract others like us.

HM Instagram

We have many more ideas to incorporate in the coming months. We’ve included #tbt posts in Throwback Thursday to capture some of our greatest moments from years past. There is someone in our team who loves to cook and shares recipes with us from time to time. We’re here to feed HM, so you know he’ll be featured!

We’ve missed out on a huge opportunity over the years to show off our amazing people and what makes us special. But we’re working hard to catch up, and we’re in a much better position now to show it to the rest of the world.

Opportunity around

Of course, Instagram is not the only place to showcase your employer brand. You can use any social media site and feature the right content that will show who you are as an organization and attract the right candidates.

Your website is a great place to showcase your employer’s brand as well as employer reviews Glass door. You can put any picture you want on the internet, but what your employees actually say about you is helpful in verifying your employer’s brand. They are basically brand ambassadors that recommend your company as a great place to work.

The key is to be people-centered. What is it for them? Almost no other way.

Candidates are looking to see if you have an online presence, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep people looking where you want them to be.

And know that work is never done here. Your employer’s brand will change as your organization grows and changes. Make sure you’re adapting the story you’re telling online.

Check out Employer branding to attract top talent In LinkedIn Learning. If that resource is not available then there are some more great resources for building your employer brand that you can find here:

How do you promote your employer’s brand and attract the right people to join your team? How do you use Instagram? I want to hear it.

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