Integrate Buyer Personas in B2B Marketing

Buyer personas drive many aspects of your organization but especially marketing. Understanding the people your products or services benefit from should inform and guide all your marketing efforts. But, it is first important to establish your B2B buyer personas before looking ahead to marketing activities. Without a complete understanding of who your buyers are, what their needs are, what products or services they are looking for and what individual characteristics they have, it will be challenging to know how to best reach them. Once your buyer personas are established, with all the important data points, you can then navigate how to address them in various marketing efforts.

Here’s how to integrate buyer personas into your messaging, content and sales efforts for better results.


All your marketing channels should consistently communicate messaging specifically targeted to your audience. Why is this important? Consistent messaging and branding can increase revenue by 33%. Here’s how to integrate buyer personas into your messaging for better marketing results and more revenue:

  • Pain Points. If your messaging addresses common pain points for your targets, they are more likely to relate to it and engage with it. If there is no connection between what your message conveys and what a prospect cares about, there is no potential for a connection with the buyer and, ultimately, no sale. Carefully connect your messaging to buyers’ specific pain points.
  • Goals. Your buyers are trying to achieve goals, and your messaging should clearly communicate how you can help them to do that quickly and easily.
  • Attention. Buyers engage with messaging that grabs their attention and makes them say, “Yes, this is for me.” Keep your messaging interesting and compelling.

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Almost 90% of B2B marketers use content marketing because it works. It is now an essential part of any marketing strategy. Buyer persona characteristics should be woven into your content and help you determine the content you create.

Consider your personas at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Throughout the buyer’s journey, it is critical to delivering the right content at the right time. For example, prospects who know they have a problem and are actively searching for a solution are in the consideration stage. At this stage, prospects are weighing the available options. Consideration content should help them understand your specific product or service offering and the value it delivers. At this stage, content such as checklists, calculators, case studies, vendor comparisons, white papers, reports and webinars based on each persona is best.

Outreach & Sales Efforts

While marketing has its own goals, its goals should support the entire company’s objectives. Sales will also have goals that should align with organizational goals. It’s important for marketing and sales to support each other. When marketing provides sales with clearly defined buyer personas, sales is better equipped to reach out to and effectively communicate with more, well-qualified buyers. And that means quicker sales and more revenue for the organization.

Utilize Key Components of Buyer Personas for Maximum Success

Buyer personas contain data points that are important for marketing, sales, the product team and many more departments and individuals. Taking some of these key characteristics and incorporating ways to address them in sales activities, content marketing, messaging and other marketing components is very valuable. Without the knowledge of who is being targeted, there is no foundation for what marketing activities to create or execute.

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