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Is TrafficWave The Best AutoResponder Service?

best autoresponder serviceWe can’t really present an unbiased opinion but we can tell you what makes TrafficWave the best AutoResponder service in our own experience. Fortunately, many businesses and entrepreneurs around the world agree. Let’s talk about it.

At the end of the day, it will come down to you choosing the service that works best for you. Since opening in early 2000, TrafficWave has provided email marketing and autoresponder services to thousands of entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses, affiliate marketers, and companies from around the world.

We have clients who have been with us since we launched over 20 years ago and new clients joining on a daily basis. So, what makes TrafficWave the best autoresponder service for these clients? We asked and here are some of the answers we got:

Pricing is a big issue, especially for new marketers and entrepreneurs. TrafficWave has offered a flat rate pricing plan since day 1. When our competitors are asked about their “scalable” pricing, the answer we hear most often is, “Since you are growing your list, you should be able to afford the higher monthly cost.”. That was an answer that just didn’t make any sense to us. Our goal was to make TrafficWave affordable. We’ve definitely accomplished this goal.

Deliverability is a very important factor. As a double opt-in service, TrafficWave manages close to 8,000,000 (8 million) prospects for our users. We know these prospects have actually requested to be added to our users’ list. As a result, we have the cleanest data and are able to provide high deliverability for our clients. When an email address becomes invalid and is bouncing, our system automatically removes that email address. This avoids junk emails and keeps our throughput at a very high rate. This is one of the reasons that make TrafficWave the best autoresponder for our users.

Ease Of Use is something we have kept in mind since we launched. We didn’t want users to be bogged down with a lot of technical jargon and needed skills in order to set up a simple email marketing campaign. With helpful tutorials, video training, online support, and weekly live online sessions, we make it easy for even the complete newbie to get started with email marketing. Our 30 Minute List Building Challenge makes it incredibly easy to get started in minutes.

Integration with thousands of other applications makes it easy for our users to combine the power of 3rd party form generators, landing page creators, CRM’s, schedulers, and more with their TrafficWave AutoResponder. If your needs start to grow from basic list building and followup to full integration and list segmentation, TrafficWave is flexible enough and powerful enough to grow with you.

So how does one decide on the “best autoresponder service” for themselves? The big factors to take in to consideration are:

Ease Of Use

We think the way we approach these makes TrafficWave the best autoresponder service for many users around the world.

If you’re trying to decide which AutoResponder is best for you, we invite you to try TrafficWave with a Free 30 Day Trial.

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