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In Elastic Email, we have created our own Mail transfer agent (MTA) send your email. What does this mean for you? In short, it means we can provide you with better, more reliable service. How? Let’s get it right.

What is a mail transfer agent?

A mail transfer agent is software that relays emails between computers using SMTP. Basically, it is a traffic management system for your email, ensuring that it is from point A (sending client) to point B (receiving client). Although some email service providers use third party MTA, we have our own MTA created from the ground up. How does it work?

IP warmup

Inbox providers consider IP reliability. This means that a new IP will send lots of emails, trigger some red flags, and classify your emails as spam, or bounce. MTAs are programmed to overcome this problem by gradually increasing the amount sent from specific IPs and mixing them with reputable IPs.

Email throttling

Sending too many emails at once can reduce delivery. With 10 years of experience, ours Mail transfer agent Various inboxes are well tuned to deliver email as much as possible without limit triggers.


Domain Key Identification Mail is a method of authentication, where records set in the sender domain confirm the authenticity of the domain to reduce email spoofing. DKIM records help with availability and security.

How does our own MTA help your deliverables?

Us Mail transfer agent Allows us to have complete control over the process of sending emails. This means that all of our IPs are powered by our software, which allows us to warm up our IPs, throttle emails to avoid overloading the receiving servers, and root emails to ensure maximum possible delivery.

We’ve been able to design and create unique features like routing mail for more assigned contacts in specific IPs when routing less assigned contacts to others. This tool helps to revise the old list and improve the delivery metrics.

Our own MTA makes it easy for us to resolve any delivery And technical issues that may arise when you send your email on time. Not relying on third parties to handle the MTA part of our process means that we are always in control of what is happening with your emails.

What about the bottom line? (2)

The other is bigger Advantage To stay Our own Mail transfer agent We don’t have to pay anyone else to send your email. Elastic email really sends your mail – at the protocol level. We have built a highly efficient system that sends bare metal to the server. This means huge cost savings that we send directly to you, our clients.


Our MTA will help you ensure that your emails reach your recipients’ inbox reliably and at low cost without any problems. Choosing us from companies that do not use their own MTAs ensures that your needs are met quickly, efficiently and cheaply.

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