Optimize Your Landing Page Checkout Process with These 5 Tips

Do you ever want to buy something by clicking the “Checkout” button and leave before it’s too late?

There are many small things on the way to a successful checkout and they are often added. If it hurts too much to finish the checkout process, you’re out of it.

The same thinking process goes with your customers. They need it A friction-free experience Cross the finish line with their checkout.

Learn more about it The importance of a non-stop checkout experience And Five ways to keep it smooth like butter.

The importance of a seamless checkout experience

No matter how much a customer wants your product, a bad checkout process can ruin the whole experience. With so many ecommerce stores out there, customers don’t have to worry about having a site.

But if a bad checkout experience can deter customers from buying, the opposite rule is also true – a good checkout experience will improve conversions. In fact, the average ecommerce store could Conversion growth by 35.26% If they improve their checkout flow.

5 Ways to Improve Your Checkout Process

So, what can you do to maximize your conversions through a smooth checkout? Here are five ideas.

1. Make checkout a no-commitment zone

While signing up for an account can help customers capture leads, it can turn off some customers completely. For these people, it’s not worth adding another email and password to the long list of accounts they need to track.

If your store has a customer account, Always include a guest checkout option. Consider this as your sign-in option, as in the following example from Warby Parker:

Photo courtesy of Warby Parker

Bonus tip: If you want more customers to choose to sign up for your account, Include options to register using an existing Google or Facebook account. They will be able to sign up with a few clicks and have a lower password to remember.

2. Keep fees transparent

One of the biggest reasons customers drop their checkout carts Hidden fees that pop up after they start checking out. Surprisingly 49% of buyers who abandon their cart do so because of the extra costs such as taxes, shipping and fees. The store didn’t warn them in advance, so they slapped the sticker.

So, one of the best ways to keep people at your checkout is before they click on that cart. Give your customer a head-up about the extra fees On your product pages and cart pages, so customers know what they’re looking for

We find that some fees, such as shipping and taxes, depend on the buyer’s location. How do you stay clear about them? Easy-PC: Just remind customers that they have to pay extra fees, such as Cingular Society:

Photo courtesy of Cingular Society

People who buy pasta through Cingular Society will not know their shipping fee right now. However, their shipping rates have a nifty link and a head-up that they will get the number at checkout. After all, the price already includes VAT.

3. Make it easy

The more complex checkouts you have, the more barriers you will have between customers and purchases. Simplify the process wherever you can Keep buyers moving towards a sale.

Features like this will make your checkout experience easier to increase the number of people who have completed it:

  • Fill in the address automatically: When a customer enters their address, Checkout offers valid addresses that match.
  • Card validity: The checkout interface verifies the card in real-time, so customers know they’ve entered their card information correctly for the first time.
  • Descriptive error message: Error messages show the reason behind the error so that the customer knows that it is something they can fix (such as a wrong card number) or something they can’t (such as a server error).

Pro type: Unbounce’s Stripe app includes such non-abrasive features to help customers seal the deal. It comes with a user-friendly checkout out of the box.

4. Use a mobile-friendly design

Mobile shopping is HugeIt accounts for 45% of all ecommerce sales. In other words, About half of your customers will buy from you on mobile.

If your checkout only works on the desktop, your mobile subscribers need to swipe and pinch the entire page to finish their checkout. You should create such a mobile-friendly landing page, You should also have a responsive checkout. Otherwise, viewers may not feel valued at all zoom in and out.

Let’s see what the mobile checkout looks like using a customizable sample checkout of the stripe:

Photo courtesy of Stripe

All components are large and easy to tap and scroll. Everything has plenty of breathing space so visitors don’t tap into something they don’t want. Also, it is in a single column so they just have to scroll down to fill in more information

5. Keep it globally accessible

One of the most beautiful things about ecommerce is its global reach. Start an online store in the US and you can get business from someone in Japan.

But if your checkout does not offer Japanese as the language or Yen as the currency, then that customer may have to bounce. Online translators work well for product descriptions, but you want to be 100% sure you know what you’re reading on the checkout page.

Open your checkout to as many people as possible Offers multiple languages ​​and currencies. Some checkout interfaces, such as Stripe, go the extra mile by incorporating popular international payment methods.

Compare these sample checkouts for a US customer and a Chinese customer:

Photo courtesy of Stripe
Photo courtesy of Stripe

While the US version focuses on card payments, the Chinese version has an alternative to Alipay, one of the most popular payment platforms out there. (You can see the Alipay logo in the box to the right of the box with the credit card symbol.) Chinese customers can use the language, currency and platform of their choice, all at one checkout.

Don’t let a bad checkout process stand in the way of sales

Don’t let your checkout stand in the way of sales. A good checkout process not only removes those barriers but also does everything it can to make things easier for the customer. Ask yourself: What can I do to help my visitors check out of the cart?

Unbounce has a stripe app A user-friendly interface Which keeps checkout smooth for customers on your landing page. With Unbounce’s Conversion Intelligence platform taking visitors into conversions and guiding them through stripe checkouts, you can’t meet a good team.

And this is the only way Unbounce Apps can convert your customers.

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