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organic social media growthThere are no shortcuts to true organic social media growth. When you do it right, your reach to real prospects and interactions with customers increases. Take the shortcut and your business will suffer.

When we say “shortcut” we are referring to those programs that offer you 10,000 followers for $39. What you’ll get is a big batch of bots and junk accounts. This will actually crush your business in the social media algorithm. Why? The goal (and payoff) of social media is to increase real engagement with real humans. Bots and junk accounts make your account “look” popular but actually weakens your marketing position.

Organic social media growth is what happens when you provide actual relevant and consistent content to draw in real humans to your posts. Humans that want to interact. Humans that want to know more. Humans that click links, share posts, and do all those things the humans do. When you take this approach, the social media channels recognize a higher level of interaction and reward you accordingly. This increases your actual likes, real comments, and more sharing from one human to another. Over time, this builds up momentum and positions your business for solid growth.

It’s not a “quick fix”. True organic social media growth requires consistency. If you are posting every few weeks, you are missing the opportunity to build momentum. Every time you skip a week or two and start posting again, you are starting over.

This is the biggest reason entrepreneurs and small businesses are turning to TrafficWave to automate their organic social media growth. We’ve got the staffing, the knowledge, the experience, and the systems in place to create a consistent social media marketing plan. We handle the content, posting, and scheduling while you focus on what your business does.

If you have the time to

1) Focus your social media efforts on the right places.

2) Optimize your social media profiles.

3) Consistently Post evergreen content.

4) Consistently Execute On a Daily Basis.

5) Use targeting to maximize organic potential.

6) Post during optimum hours.

7) Post relevant content.

8) Promote your profiles everywhere.

Then you may be on the right track. If, however, you are skipping any of these steps due to being busy running the other parts of your business, we should talk.

Click here for an overview of our hands free social media management service that takes this list off your desk and lets you focus on running your business.

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