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Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

social media traffic generationThere are many reasons to outsource your social media marketing. Among them is the ability to focus your time and energy on your business while someone else makes sure your social media accounts stay active and updated.

Another good reason to outsource your social media marketing is cost savings. We run across businesses who start out by thinking they need to hire a full time social media manager when they really would be better served to outsource the work to a social media marketing agency like TrafficWave.

A lot of our clients like to think of this service much like doing their own lawn work. Maybe they “could” keep up with mowing, trimming, working on equipment as needed, tending to trouble spots, etc… But their time is better spent on other projects whether they be business or personal. It just makes sense to them to outsource the task to a professional.

Our CEO, Brian Rooney likes to tell the story about how he decided to outsource his pool maintenance. He’d been taking care of it himself but was getting irritated with the time it took. He’d rather spend the time swimming. He didn’t like driving back and forth to the pool supply company. When a filter problem came up, he called a service company. They explained that they could take over maintaining the pool, eliminating the need to drive back and forth, mess with chemicals, and deal with ongoing maintenance.

Mr Rooney asked the tech, “What will my job be if I decide to hand this over to your company?”. The tech smiled, and said, “Your job will be to write the check and swim.”.

For many businesses, it just makes sense to outsource your social media marketing so you can know it’s being handled by professionals while you work on other areas of your business that need your attention.

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