Rachel’s App of The Week: Coggle

By Rachel DegingerMarketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

Yesterday, I was inspired by a discussion that focused on productivity strategies. One of the many things that really piqued my interest was discussing how ideas can be organized. When it comes down to it, I realize I don’t have a great plan for how to put my ideas together on paper, and it ends up being a complete mess in my notebook. Mind-mapping is used to connect ideas to each other. I like to write my ideas on paper first, I found that it was easier to map things in one application.

How it works:

Coggle lets you map out what’s going on in your head. Whether it’s a new business idea, something for a project, or even planning a birthday party for a friend, Coggle lets you throw your ideas on a large connected map. You can create as many maps as you like, and organize ideas by color, theme, or whatever you want.

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Favorite features:

My personal favorite feature is the collaborative aspect of Coggle. You can invite people to work with you on a map and adjust permissions as needed. I can certainly see myself using this feature to get other people’s ideas, and there are plans too I definitely hope to use this feature a lot to plan parties and events for friends, family and myself.

When it comes to finding a better way to map ideas, Coggle provides a streamlined and easy-to-use user experience. It also offers a collaborative way to share and create those ideas

For more information, visit their site: Coggle

And download here for Apple and Android!

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