Rachel’s App of the Week: Spotify

By Rachel DegingerMarketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

When I work, I always need songs to prepare and stay focused. Whether it’s a pre-work dance party to promote the day with my puppy or a happy hour playlist before the group gets together, Spotify has me covered. Since we reached the two year mark of working from home, pressing the play button before working on anything has become a key element of my routine. Music can not only keep me immersed in my project, but it is also scientifically proven that it boosts your mood! Of all the music apps I’ve used over the years, I’ve found that Spotify is one of the best.

How it works:

Spotify allows you to save your favorite songs to a single playlist or split your music into separate playlists. Plus, there’s a ton of pre-made playlists created by other users and Spotify themselves. Whether you’re looking for music based on an activity, mood, or genre, Spotify offers everything you need and much more. But Spotify goes above and beyond. Spotify automatically creates playlists for you based on what you are currently hearing. Spotify also offers podcasts for those who like them.

Favorite features:

My favorite feature is of course being able to create playlists. It’s an ongoing joke with my friends that I’m the “human version of Spotify” because I create a playlist for each event. I even went so far as to create separate playlists for each of my friends based on their own musical tastes. It’s a fun feature, and a great way to share your music with others.

Goldie Han once said, “Why not just survive this moment, especially if it’s a good beat?” With music, I get to be both in the moment, with a good beat. Grateful to be able to live my life with a great soundtrack.

For more information, visit their site here.

And download here for Apple and Android!

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