Reaching Target Audience on Social Media

Social media platforms have made their way onto the B2B scene and are proving to be a widely used marketing channel. Recent reports show that 96% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing and 82% use Twitter. Social media marketing is continuing to emerge as a great way for B2B companies to create awareness, generate leads and engage customers. Whether you are social media savvy or just starting, below are five ways to better reach your target audience on social media.

1. Outline a Strategic Plan

A strong plan of action will help keep your efforts focused on your social media goals. From increased brand awareness to broadening your follower base, your strategic plan should help you meet these goals. This plan should be the “who, what, when, where and why” of your social media marketing strategy. Oftentimes it is useful to create a social media calendar so it is clear what is being posted, when, on what platform, why and by who. This calendar and your overall strategic plan help to ensure the activities planned and executed are effectively reaching your target audience on social media.

2. Craft and Post Relevant Content

Relevant and interesting content will keep your target audience engaged and coming back for more. Some ideas for strong posts include:

  • Industry news or recent trends
  • Compelling thought leadership articles
  • Details regarding upcoming events, conferences or trade shows
  • Interesting market research results

3. Engage with Your Audience Through Posts and Comments

While interesting and relevant content is crucial, social media marketing is much more than just a one-way sharing of information. Engaging with your audience, such as through asking questions and responding to comments, can be very valuable and make your company more personable. Taking the time to respond and interact with target audiences shows them you are committed to engaging with them, even in the smallest fashion. It can be something as simple as a “Thank You” on a reshared post.

4. Keep a Consistent Posting Schedule

Social media works best when it is updated often with a steady stream of communication to your target audience. Doing so will keep them interested and your content top of mind. Plus, the only way to show your audiences that you are active on social media is by posting! Followers also know what to expect from your account. If they are used to your account posting a few times a day, with a special themed post every Tuesday and Thursday, they can expect that every week. It is good to be consistent, but it is also acceptable to mix it up every so often. Doing this can garner even more attention and engagement from target audiences.

5. Leverage your Brand

B2B social media marketing is an extension of your company’s brand and is often the most frequently heard voice of your company. Be sure to carry your company’s distinct brand messaging into your social media marketing just as you would with other marketing efforts such as content marketing and paid advertising. While messaging is important, so are brand colors and other identity elements. Ensure your social media has company logos and images and utilizes colors in header images or other graphical elements on your platform or within posts. It is important to be consistent with these elements, especially on social media.

The Power of Social Media

Social media is significantly valuable for B2B marketing. As social media becomes a more critical part of B2B marketing strategies, it becomes equally as critical to utilize it effectively and get the most out of it that you can. Using social media as a way to reach target audiences can seem challenging, but with the five insights above, your team can stay focused on key marketing goals.

Looking for guidance on utilizing social media to reach your target audience? Contact us today or request a free marketing consultation. As a full-service B2B marketing firm, we help companies reach their audiences through powerful marketing and achieve business results.


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