Set The Right Email Marketing Budget with Hybrid Emails[2022]

Nowadays, sending marketing emails as a part of an email campaign has become such a complex phenomenon that it has almost become out of reach for small and medium businesses to sent volume emails and actually to have them arrive in the subscriber’s inbox.

You have to grow your email list organically, which must comprise a large number of subscribers. For the best ROI, we should remove inactive subscribers and clean the contact list regularly.

EasySendy Pro identifies invalid email addresses and remove inactive subscribers from the contact list. 

EasySendy Pro is a web-based email marketing solution which helps small and medium businesses in this quest. It helps businesses reach their subscribers through email. It ensures high inbox email delivery. Also, result in high open, clicks and higher RoI (Return on Investment) for email marketing campaigns.

Businesses optimize their email marketing budget, over and above usual email marketing activities that it is supposed to accomplish


With little thoughtful tweaks in the email marketing campaigns and conscious switches in between SMTP relay servers available at the user’s disposal, the email marketing budgets can be optimized and email marketing RoI can thus be improved further.

EasySendy Pro provides ability to add multiple SMTP relay servers (like Dyn, SendGrid, ElasticEmail, LeaderSend, Amazon SES, Mandrill, MailGun, SparkPost, etc). Through its platform which the businesses can connect instantly and use at their discretion.


Concept of micro-deliverability:

Different SMTP relay servers, the average deliverability of emails is generally above 96% which is well enough for practical use.

But this average deliverability keeps on fluctuating with time as well as by ISPs. At times, it might be greater than 99% or come down to as low as 89% to 90%.

Still Not a User of EasySendy Pro for Hybrid Email Campaigns?

“Micro-Deliverability” is a relatively new concept in the email marketing domain. It involves drilling down into deliverability by domains, or ISPs or SMTP Relay servers and then segmenting the email list or campaigns based on the results to get best deliverability and performance for the marketing campaigns.

By carefully tracking the fluctuations of deliverability trends based on ISPs and time. The Users can route their emails for different segments using SMTP delivery servers for best performance. Even for that particular part in a specific timeframe.

Prepare Email Marketing Budget

It is a tedious task to plan out email marketing budget. You need to be patient while preparing for it.  Basically, it can help you to regulate your business activities and overcome all the obstacles. 

Generally, marketing budget and plan fluctuates depend on your business goals and types.

Email marketing can be similar for everyone:

a) Set a target first

b) Make a proper segmentation

c) Analyze your total earning

d) Align your budget plan and marketing strategies

e) List out email marketing resources

Thus, using more than one email delivery system (Hybrid Email Marketing Solution) can significantly enhance businesses email marketing performance.

Ways To Optimize Email Marketing Budget

1. “Pay Per Use” Email Marketing Pricing

The pricing mechanism for EasySendy Pro is based on the concept of “Pay Per Use”. This means there are no “one-time costs”, “infrastructure costs”, “prepaid costs” or any other types of “hidden costs”.

Pay on per month pre-paid basis for the email subscribers and rest at SMTP relay service provider at month end.

Businesses pay only for the emails they send through the SMTP relay servers. For example, you will be charged for 1000 emails if they send 1000 emails per month. Similarly, they will be levied for 1,000,000 emails if you send 1,000,000 emails per month. If you are not sending any email in a month, you don’t have to pay for your SMTP relay provider.

Businesses are charged at month end, as a postpaid charge, for the number of emails they send for the whole month.

If businesses use economical low-end SMTP relay servers, then charge will be less as compare to high-end SMTP relay servers.


Choose and control SMTP relay pricing:

For more information on the pricing of the different SMTP relay servers, you can go through this link. If you are switching between various SMTP relay servers, you can optimize your marketing budget to a large extent.

Delivering email through multiple SMTP relays have different charges:

  • Amazon SES – US$1 for 10,000 emails
  • SparkPost – US$1.2 to $1.8 for 10,000 emails and get first 100,000 emails for free each month
  • MailGun – US$1 to $1.5 for 10,000 emails and get first 12,000 emails for free each month
  • SendGrid – US$5.7 to $8 for 10,000 emails and get first 12,000 emails for free each month

Improve your email marketing budget with this flexible & control over pricing based on number of emails sent.

For example, during festivals, the volume of emails increase and you will have to pay for the outgoing emails. During non peak seasons you will be paying less amount because email volume keeps low.

Although you will be paying nominal charge to EasySendy Pro application for keeping your email list, segments, and email campaigns.

2. Email Marketing Budget Optimization with Relay Server Switching

As discussed, the budget can be optimized by switching SMTP relay servers based on type of subscribers and engagement activity. This is explained in detail below with examples.

For highly engaged subscribers, high-end SMTP relay servers can be used to send emails. And relatively less engaged, inactive & uninterested subscribers can sen email through affordable SMTP relay servers.

For high-end email servers, the deliverability rate and the inbox deliverability is high. Both these parameters are on the lower side for an affordable email server.

In order to reduce the budget, marketers can use affordable server & send a generic emails to generic subscribers.

If the marketer has to send a comparatively small volume of targeted emails to a well segmented and niche set of subscribers, the high-end server will enhance the chances of such subscribers get converted.

High Ticket vs Low Ticket size campaign cost optimization:

Using affordable SMTP relay servers for small margin ticket selling can reduce the email marketing budget to a large extent.

For an e-commerce business selling economical products like cheap mobiles, the email marketing should use the inexpensive low-end SMTP relay servers which will be cheaper from a marketing perspective although with a relatively low deliverability, which does not affect the margins to a large extent.

Using high-end SMTP relay servers for high margin tickets can increase the overall margins with a slight increase in the email marketing budget as the marginal increase in the email deliverability and thus the conversion rate has the potential to increase the RoI for the marketing campaign.

Inactive vs. Engaged subscriber cost optimization:

Use of high-end SMTP relay servers for active email subscriber base can increase the overall opens, clicks and the conversion rate for active subscribers. A small increase in the marketing budget for active subscribers would lead to a marginal increase in the conversion rate which ultimately would lead to a relatively high increase in revenues and profits.

engaged users

Use of affordable SMTP relay servers for inactive, uninterested or old email subscriber base would result in an engagement attempt on the least cost. Even if this leads to a small percentage of subscribers getting engaged, it is a bonus for the optimized marketing campaign.

3. Budget Optimization with Micro-Segmentation

Micro-segmentation feature help businesses send targeted emails as against sending generic emails to random subscribers. Sending targeted emails leads to higher opens, clicks and ultimately better engagements and a higher conversion rate as against blindly shooting emails to random subscribers.

EasySendy Pro has a feature using which users can further get segment the subscriber list based on the links clicked by the subscribers as per their interests in previous email campaigns.

Segmented vs. unsegmented subscriber optimization:

A business can send emails to an unsegmented (high volume) subscriber list using an economical SMTP relay server. It will lead to engaging a lot of unsegmented subscribers at a minimum marketing cost.

email marketing budget

A business can again send emails to partly segmented subscriber list using an economical low-end SMTP relay server so as to refine further and segment the subscriber list into niche areas.

Once the subscribers log their varied interests by clicking on their preferred links and the subscriber list is well and truly segregated, emails can be sent to these well segregated and niche (low volume) subscriber list for higher engagement and conversions using a high-end SMTP relay server.

4. Budget Optimization with Subscriber Re-Engagement

Re-engagement of subscribers is very much possible and can be done with ease using EasySendy Pro. EasySendy Pro has a feature using which businesses can send emails to the list of subscribers which have opened their email as well as to the list of subscribers who have not opened their emails.

Using a high deliverability SMTP relay server for re-engaging such subscribers who have opened their emails can lead to improved email deliverability and can get the last mile email opens and conversions for an email campaign with a marginal increase in the email marketing costs.

Using an economical low end SMTP relay server for re-engaging such subscribers who have not opened their emails can lead to re-engaging a percentage of such inactive subscribers at minimum cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What is Email Marketing Budget?

Email marketing budget is the amount invested by different businesses on email marketing campaigns for accumulating surplus returns. Well, marketers of mid-sized businesses invest $9 to $1000 every month, whereas marketing agencies spend $300 to $500 per month.

⭐ How much does email marketing cost?

Email marketing is a powerful and effective online communication channel available at an affordable price. You have to spend $9 to $1,000 per month on an average for mid-sized businesses.

⭐ How can I email marketing for free?

You would get ample free email marketing tools in the market to save your valuable time and money. Well, you can use Easysendy for delivering hybrid email to your subscribers.

⭐ Is email marketing still effective?

Email marketing is a useful and effective online communication tool than other social media platforms. You can target your audiences with proper segmentation of the email list and improves brand recognition with promotional offers.

⭐ Does email marketing increase sales?

Email marketing campaigns help to generate enormous sales as compared to other social media channels. Return in Investment is 40 times more in email marketing than other online platforms.

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