Should Email Subject Lines Be Capitalized

Should you capitalize on your subject line? Discover what the top 100 email marketing professionals have to say.

Have you ever wondered if you are using the right strategy to market your business?

You are not alone. That’s why we analyzed 1,000 emails from 100 top experts – the best of the best Their email strategy involves thousands and drives millions of revenues. Many of them see unheard results (e.g. 80% open rate and 30% click-through rate).

“Will you capitalize on your subject line?” Our question was one.

Let’s take a look at our results.

3 Capitalization formulas for the subject line of the email

To find out how top marketers use capital in their email subject line, we examined the subject lines from our 100 experts to see if they relied on a specific capital formula.

We found 3 common sources:

1 – Sentence-case capitalization (the first letter of the first word is enlarged)

2 – Title-Case Capitalization (the first letter of each word is enlarged except for articles like “the” and “an”)

3 – All lowercase capitalization (lowercase each letter)

As an example, there are the same subject lines with these 3 different formulas applied here:

  • Sentence-Case: This is an email subject line
  • Title-Case: This is an email subject line
  • All lowercase letters: This is an email subject line

How experts capitalize on their subject line

60% of email subject lines use sentence-case capitalization, 34% use title-case capitalization, and only 6% use all lowercase email subject lines.

Email Subject Line Capitalization Graph

Is the lowercase subject line an unused secret?

We have analyzed that most of the experts use sentence-case capitalization. But some experts consistently send emails with completely short-handed subject lines, such as email marketing expert Val Geisler. Geisler is a freelance consultant and author who specializes in email marketing, and we have analyzed his emails for our research.

Geisler indicates that people can open a personal connection or an email from a friend.

“If you’re writing an email to a friend, are you going to headline the subject line? Probably not. You probably won’t use sentence-case capitalization. I write my emails like I write to a friend so my subject lines follow the same principle

Does it work? I’ll let my 80% open rate and 30% click rate speak for themselves. “

Val Geyser

Email Subject Line Capitalization Case Study

John Oszazka, founder of Music Marketing Manifesto, an online consulting business that teaches musicians how to sell and promote their music, wanted to test it for himself.

Oszajca has been capitalizing on the first letter of his email subject line for years. Still, he wondered if it was giving him maximum openings and clicks.

So he used a simple technique to find out.


To test his guess about the subject line, Oszajca set up an email split test.

He has created two identical versions of a promotional email for his upcoming “Copywriting for Musician Workshop”. Both editions warn customers that this is their last chance to register for the workshop.

In her first email, she followed her general formula of capitalizing the first letter of her subject line. He also capitalized the first letter of the second section.

Subject Line # 1: Last Chance – It will end tonight

Subject line split test version A where the first letter of each sentence is capitalized.

In his second email, he did not capitalize.

Subject Line # 2: Last Chance – It will end tonight

Subject line split test version B where all the letters are lowercase.

The results

Oszajca’s split test results revealed that subject lines with lowercase letters got 35% more open and clicks!

“I’ve had fun testing some things based on gut over the years.”

John Osajka is the founder of Music Marketing Manifesto

But now he has the data to back up his process, he said, and a deeper understanding of the behavior of his customers.

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Now, find out what your own audience likes!

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