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The whole world is now staring at Ukraine in amazement, as it holds back Russia’s military aggression against its sovereign territory, cultural and historical heritage, democracy. Of course, the economic consequences of the war declared by the Russian government cannot be compared with the fear of physical destruction and mental loss of the Ukrainian people. However, they are still buried.

That is why it is important to do it Ukrainian business support We do our best to help them stay afloat during these challenging times. Perhaps, you need a technical solution and are currently looking for a reliable partner? Take a look at companies of Ukrainian origin! In this way, you will provide effective and immediate support to Ukrainian entrepreneurs, their employees and their families.

GetResponse has compiled a list of IT companies and startups

Time is money and many of us do not have the resources to explore the country of origin of the company. For this We did it for you! We’ve compiled a list of Ukrainian technology companies and startups for your choice, and we plan to add many more solutions over time.

Do you know some Ukrainian businesses that are not on the list? Feel free to add it!

In this way, together, we will be able to support the IT sector to be recognized for Ukraine.

Why Ukrainian IT?

In Ukraine alone, you can find more than 4000 local technology companies. In addition, more than 110 globally recognized organizations operate in Ukraine. Kyiv alone was the headquarters of over 1000 IT startups and companies. Other enterprises of Ukrainian origin were located in Kharkiv, Odessa and Lviv.

What’s more, Ukrainian IT professionals have been recognized around the world for their talents. In 2020, after the epidemic broke, Ukraine exported more than 0 5.06 billion in IT services.

There are more than 205,000 IT professionals each year, including about 23,000 new technology graduates Ukrainian contractors were known to charge less than European or American coders, although the quality of their work was often higher.

Most Ukrainian technology companies are dedicated to the ecommerce, enterprise and fintech sectors, with most of their outsourcing clients based in Western European countries, the United States and the United Kingdom.

In simple words: Ukraine is great with IT.

And here are some examples to prove it:

This post was written with the help of Grammarly! It is an AI-powered cloud-based writing assistant that helps developers ensure coordination between their spelling, punctuation, tone of voice and all text. Founded in 2009, Grammarly is one of the most well-known SaaS Ukrainian software companies today and is valued at 13 billion.

GitLab is a single-app full DevOps platform used for project planning, source code management, CI / CD, and monitoring. Founded in 2011, GitLab today has an estimated 30 million registered users, 1 million active license users, and more than 2,500 active contributors in 65 countries and territories around the world.

MacPaw is a software company dedicated to making the user experience easier, better and more efficient with MacOS. Their services range from clean software for MacOS, Windows and external storage, VPN, file encryption and decryption solutions, and more. The company was founded in Kiev in 2008 and today counts more than 30 million users worldwide and even operates an on-site museum dedicated to Apple products.

With AI, helps enterprise companies drive revenue through increased sales, marketing, and customer success team processes. They use innovative data collection services to use that data to further develop core business strategies. In less than 6 years, has grown from a small Ukrainian-American startup to one of the world’s best-known data-driven marketing solutions.

Founded in 2013 in Ukraine, PrePlay is now one of the most popular eLearning platforms for language learning in the world. It offers one-on-one lessons from experienced tutors in 85+ languages ​​with students worldwide.

But there is more!

Chances are, these well-established giants in the Ukrainian IT market will do just fine because of their global influence and widespread popularity. Instead, there are dozens of small tech startups and companies from Ukraine that could really use some extra support right now.

We found out More than 100 businesses of Ukrainian descent It can help you with your next digital project. And we are sure that together we will find and add many more to the list. So let’s support Ukrainian IT together!

Check out our spreadsheet. Search for vendors who can help with your current activities. Share the list with your colleagues. Add more companies. And – most importantly – stand with Ukraine.

Slava Ukraine!

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