The Easiest Way to Advance Your Career and Win Your Next Political Advertising Campaign: Text Message Marketing

Advance Your Career and Win Your Next Political Campaign through Text Message Marketing

Connecting with voters and potential donors is at the center of a winning political contest and creating a well-funded campaign. It is vital to use the most effective means of communication and communication, and at the moment, an advertising tool is dominating the political world: text message marketing.

Through simple five- or six-digit phone numbers, known as Short code, Candidates promote and increase their text messaging subscriber list. The process is quick and easy. Supporters choose to get text, updates on basic keywords. Links to grant platform and policy issues are one tap away, accessible directly from messages from the customer’s text messaging app.

Campaign strategists use SMS messages to rally support, inform voters, and bring in large amounts of donations. Many Tatango clients see an ROI of $ 5 for every $ 1 invested in text message marketing. Let’s take a closer look at how texting can help you move forward and win your next election.

Why texting works so well for politicians

When you’re starting to push your political ads, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the options: billboards and yard signs, TV and radio ads, or mass emails and flyers. However, for many voters, these channels are becoming more or less effective. Email lost in junk folder. TV ads do not reach streaming services or are muted during commercial breaks. If your political ads get lost in the noise of our modern world, your message will not get stuck.

This is why SMS marketing is becoming so popular. About 2 billion promotional text messages have been sent Only in November 2020. Campaigns are increasingly relying on text, especially since it provides a great return on their investment. As mentioned above, on average, Spending $ 1 for a political lesson with Tatango brings in at least 5 In support.

Texting also strengthens other forms of communication. Supporters join the email list by texting their email addresses in a short code. Fundraising events are assembled through updates and coordination via SMS messaging. There is no better way to build and maintain momentum because texting is the most direct way to communicate with voters through campaigns. Instead of slashing your advertising budget, focusing your political marketing around political texting will help your team increase the reach of a campaign and win more races.

3 Reasons to Use Political SMS Marketing

Here are three major benefits of SMS messaging for political campaigns.

1. Texting is the best way to reach most people

According to a recent report, 78% people Text messaging says the best way to reach them. Especially in close competition, it is vital to keep voters up to date and involved. Since texting is the fastest and easiest way to reach most people, it should be a top priority for political campaigns. Instead of skipping to an email folder, reading texts is almost certain-90% of SMS messages are opened and read Within the first three minutes. Data indicates that many of us check our text messages more than once a day. Campaigns can use this information to their advantage.

Advance Your Career and Win Your Next Political Campaign through Text Message Marketing

As text is an effective way to connect with supporters, it is also a great way to raise funds.

2. It is easy to raise funds through SMS messages

Using integrated political fundraising tools, your campaign can easily solicit single or recurring grants. One-tap links in text messages allow supporters to avoid frustrating online forms or long donation portals. Especially when the deadline is approaching, dropping out every possible extra step to donate can make a difference. With Tatango, fundraising is easy and secure.

The campaign also needs long-term donors, especially since the race is starting before and after each cycle. Through SMS messaging, campaigns can send schedule reminders, bringing in grants of all sizes from month to month. By combining these grant requests with news updates and in-house messages, candidates can keep in close touch with their supporters.

Advance Your Career and Win Your Next Political Campaign through Text Message Marketing

3. Enhances customer data results

When it comes to political texting and fundraising, it’s important to understand your foundation when planning your campaign. In some cases, it’s best to send a blanket message to a subscriber list with millions of phone numbers. But with local voting, volunteer events, deadlines, and more, splitting that list into groups of recipients is much more effective. Political text messages can be divided by zip codes, voting blocks, time zones, and other demographic information. Campaign teams can focus their efforts on the right place by using data to communicate their decisions.

Having this data is a privilege and a responsibility for the campaign and their partners Tatango leads the industry in data protection and security. You can rely on the fact that customer data is as secure as possible: through automatic logout, two-factor authentication and other protections. Proper use of this protected data ensures that each message is as effective and efficient as possible.

Put political SMS messages at the center of your strategy

SMS messages are becoming a big part of political messages in every election cycle. It is important to understand how to build a strong texting strategy, especially in today’s fast-paced political competition. As a candidate or campaign strategist, political SMS messaging can set you up for long-term success, improve your career and provide the right tools for improvement.

For more than 14 years in the industry, Tatango has partnered with many successful candidates and campaigns, providing advanced tools to quickly reach millions of people. Contact our expert team And start putting political SMS messages at the center of your strategy.

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