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The Power Of Workflow Integration

workflow integrationThere is a lot of talk about workflow integration, connecting TrafficWave to various apps with Zapier, API integration, etc… and we think it makes a lot of sense. Any time you can get more done in less time, reduce mistakes, and increase profitability, your business wins.

Recently, we launched a small social media campaign to promote our new Social Media Management service. Using Zapier, we connected Calendly to TrafficWave and here’s how it all came out:

We started by setting up our AutoResponder campaign.

Then we set up Calendly to book appointments.

We connected Calendly to TrafficWave using Zapier.

Then we ran our social media promotion.

The first thing we noticed (using the AdTracker) was that we got 57 clicks on the first day. From there, 4 of those turned in to leads that scheduled a 1 on 1 call via Calendly. Using Zapier, everyone that scheduled a call got automatically subscribed to our AutoResponder campaign.

Workflow integrations like these can help you get more done in less time, track your results, and stay on top of your marketing tasks.

TrafficWave easily and quickly integrates with thousands of apps that are very useful from scheduling to task management, forms, and more. Check out some of the exiting options by clicking here.

If you are ready to get started with email marketing, take us up on a Free 30 Day Trial.

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