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Thinking about email marketing for your business?

Thinking about marketing email for your business? Here are a few things to consider before you hit “send”.

Thinking about email marketingEmail is a powerful tool for spreading brand awareness, creating leads and driving sales. But before you expect email marketing to work like a magic wand, here are a few key things to keep in mind when thinking about email marketing.

1. Make sure you are taking a long-term approach

Consistency is key to your success. We see that many companies start using email marketing to stop after a while when they do not feel the success overnight. It takes time to succeed with email marketing and some work to fine tune and test for maximum results.

It is a common mistake to start trying for a huge Grand Slam homer. We all love to hear about people who have made thousands of dollars in their sleep or made 6 digits in 30 days. But those “overnight success stories” usually don’t include much information about the time spent learning, adjusting, and scaling before those big email marketing pay-day hits.

2. Make sure you make a good list

One of the biggest mistakes we find in new email marketers is buying or renting a list. Not only does the list you purchase usually contain a lot of spam traps and junk email addresses, you can be sure that no one on that list knows who you are.

Garbage email addresses will put your supply in the tank.

Lack of credibility and harmony will actually work against you.

It is worth the time to create an actual list of prospects who have actually requested your information.

3. Have you chosen a good ESP?

Choose the right email service provider (ESP) for your business You have been thinking about email marketing for some time. You’re ready to commit to a long-term email marketing plan. You’ve created a healthy list of customers who want to hear from you.

Make sure the ESP you choose can deliver your message

Price will be a factor. Will your costs increase as your list grows?

If you have tried some of the services, be sure to take advantage of the free trial offers to find the right one for your business.

4. What is your message target?

Relevance is important. When they signed up for your email, they had expectations about the content you would send them. Your subscribers expect to receive content as promised.

Give your prospects what you promised them. Keep an eye on the content and don’t forget to add value.

5. Are you using best practices?

Send emails responsibly and legally. Email marketing has strong advantages. Email marketing comes with responsibilities. For this reason, best practices must be followed. Here is a checklist to use as a guide until they become second nature:

Do not add anyone to your list without their direct consent. Everyone should opt-in.

Stay away from buying or renting email databases. Your credibility and sales will suffer.

Do not use a non-reply email address. People should be able to answer you directly.

All your email messages need a visible ‘unsubscribe’ link

Keep your message point and honest. Don’t cheat or confuse with your content.

Lastly, comply with the law on sending emails to the countries where your customers live. Be aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), CAN-SPAM legislation and other regulations.

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