Top 3 Industry Applications Driving Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Demand

In the modern era, manufacturers do not face any shortage of options for bonding solutions; However, over time, stress-sensitive adhesives are increasingly establishing themselves as the most sought-after alternative.

PSAs have quickly become the preferred solution for the loyalty needs of major industrial sectors. From removable adhesions to permanent bonds, stress-sensitive adhesives are ideal for attaching fabrics, foams and countless other products to a wide substrate. In addition, strong features such as design, strength, versatility and flexibility are major contributors to the growth of the pressure sensitive adhesive industry, given its many assembly advantages.

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The scope of application for resolving stress-sensitive bonds is wide, extending across a wide industry spectrum, especially where high-performance and aesthetics are equally essential.

Listed below are the 3 main application powering Pressure sensitive adhesive market Trend:

Light weight in automotive applications

Over the years, automotive manufacturers and tire suppliers have used PSAs as the core bonding solution in a plethora of automotive applications. With the rapid evolution of electrification and lightweighting, pressure sensitive adhesives and tapes are playing an increasingly important role in automotive production, enabling worldwide assembly process engineers to gain the latest material and chemistry configurations related to PSA formulations.

Automakers are increasingly focusing on tire-by-drive noise, which has been identified as a major environmental problem. To mitigate this effect, major adhesive manufacturers such as Avery Dennison have begun introducing specially formulated pressure sensitive bonding solutions to ensure minimal internal vehicle noise levels and reduce tire-induced drive-by noise. In August 2021, Avery Dennison Performance Tapes launched a fancy portfolio of pressure sensitive adhesive solutions for acoustically insulated tires, designed to bond sound-absorbing foam as well as other materials to the inner surface of tires.

Additionally, the emergence of stricter regulations such as the CAFÉ (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards, which focus on maximizing vehicle efficiency, has prompted automakers to adopt targeted light-weight efforts. Since even a fraction of an ounce can make a profound difference in overall vehicle performance, PSAs are gaining increasing advantage over conventional mechanical fasteners in modern vehicle applications.

Development of tapes, dressings and TDDS in medical applications

Healthcare is another prominent application sector for the stress-sensitive adhesive market, given the constant pursuit of innovation by major healthcare product manufacturers. Silicone-based PSAs are particularly popular and widely used in the manufacture of non-invasive, hypoallergenic and biocompatible surgical tapes, dressings and bandages.

Stress-sensitive adhesives and tapes show strong adaptability to a variety of skin and injuries and prevent bacterial growth by keeping harmful substances and fluids out. For example, in February 2021, Toyochem Co., Ltd. Introduced a new line of polyurethane-based PSAs, called Soft Skin, designed to meet the growing demand for less trauma and safer medical products for patients with sensitive skin. With features such as low skin exfoliation and high moisture permeability, soft skin PSAs were designed for countless medical applications such as dressing film and surgical tape.

Medical-grade stress-sensitive bonding solutions are also increasingly being used in the production of transdermal drug delivery systems (TDDS). It is credited for their distinctive ability over conventional adhesive solutions, including regular adhesive solutions, comfortable removal and biocompatibility.

Durability and convenience in packaging applications

Probably the most significant user of pressure sensitive adhesive solutions worldwide is the packaging industry, which has recently been looking for greener and more sustainable materials and processes. This change is triggered by increasingly stringent global and national regulations on sustainability, as well as a growing consumer-tendency towards environmentally friendly products, which, in turn, could create the potential for promising growth for the pressure sensitive adhesive market.

PSA solutions are becoming common in the production of compostable tapes and labels, as they do not require any water, heat or solvent and this makes them ideal for non-reactive, fast manufacturing activities.

This is proving to be important in the current situation, where the COVID-19 epidemic is driving most of the world’s population to online platforms for their shopping needs, creating a strong need for secure and robust secondary packaging. Bostik is one of the major pressure sensitive adhesive market players addressing this, with solutions such as open sesame tear tape, powerful tear-through attributes and optimal box integrity.

All in all, stress sensitive adhesive solutions have been able to replace a large portion of industrial adhesive applications over the past few decades, paving the way for smaller, smoother and more aesthetic solutions. By enabling diverse industrial sectors to pursue a host of design possibilities, stress-sensitive adhesives are becoming the most trusted permanent bond solution for the industrial landscape now and in the years to come.

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