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UAE Fitness Equipment Market Size and Forecast

Now why

TheseA review of the UAE fitness equipment industry and market size

The UAE fitness equipment market was valued at USD ~ XX million in 2021, with significant expansion into commercial fitness centers, with revenue generated from sales of fitness equipment expanding at a CAGR of XX% between 2016 and 2021, where boutique and women-centric fitness centers house- Oriented fitness equipment has dominated the market with the growth of the industry.

Reasons such as rapid urbanization with the arrival of foreign population, increase in disposable income of consumers, growing health concerns like obesity due to unhealthy lifestyle, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, trend of consumers taking online fitness sessions to enjoy exercise at ease. Collaborating with homes and their convenient home-based fitness equipment on various post-epidemic government initiatives and corporate wellness programs are key factors in the growth of the fitness equipment market.

In 2020, the fitness equipment industry suffered a temporary setback due to the effects of Covid-19, which led to the closure of fitness centers and health clubs due to the country’s lockdown. Avoiding physical contact with mandatory protocols and maintaining social distance to prevent viral infections prevent a large segment of the population from accessing fitness services at fitness centers and health clubs. However, these factors have led to an increase in demand for home-based fitness equipment because people prefer to follow home fitness measures to ensure safety.

The market for imported fitness equipment in the UAE recorded a positive growth between 2016 and 2021 which increased the impact on the overall population of the UAE due to the increase in the foreign population (expatriates) based on the revenue generated by purchasing imported equipment with XX% CAGR. Follow the latest trends and living standards that have increased the demand for the latest fitness equipment that can be taken from foreign countries.

The market for fitness equipment exported to the UAE has recorded a contraction since December 2019 on the basis of revenue of USD XX million in 2021 with XX% CAGR through sales of export equipment. At home ‘UAE Fitness Equipment Market‘Accompanied by local manufacturers who originally made basic fitness equipment with no advanced technology included in these equipment that reduced penetration rates in the UAE as well as overseas markets.

UAE Fitness Equipment Market Segmentation, 2021

By end user type:

Commercial fitness centers account for the highest market share of XX% among all other types of end users in terms of revenue generated in 2021. Boutiques and medium-sized fitness centers dominate the sector Private fitness centers and health clubs are the second largest share after offices and hotels and universities.

By production location:

Overseas fitness equipment accounted for the highest market share of XX% compared to locally made (domestic) fitness equipment based on revenue generated in 2021.

Due to the lack of necessary advances in fitness equipment by the urban population, domestically made fitness equipment penetrates less into foreign markets.

By customer type:

Sales of fitness equipment through the B2B channel accounted for the highest share of XX% of revenue in 2021, accounting for the growing number of commercial and hotel-based fitness centers that demand advanced fitness equipment and market penetration of the B2C channel. .

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Trade scenario, valued at USD million, 2016-2020

Import of fitness equipment from major countries of UAE:

Most of the equipment is imported from countries like China, USA and Italy and China is the main importer of fitness equipment in UAE. The number of post-epidemics of imported fitness equipment increased to USD XXX million in 2020. The increase in disposable income of the country is responsible for the increase in imports of huge expatriate population.

Major Export Destinations for Fitness Equipment in UAE:

Most of the equipment is exported to countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman and Uganda; Saudi Arabia is a major export destination for fitness equipment in the UAE. Exports of fitness equipment fell to USD X.XX million in 2020 after the epidemic. The reasons responsible for low exports are the tendency of consumers towards branded equipment as compared to locally produced equipment with less penetration in foreign markets.

Government initiative

The UAE government aims to raise community awareness of the importance of physical activity and to adopt a healthier lifestyle, increasing the community’s capacity to create a supportive healthcare environment.

These initiatives encourage the involvement of local communities and civil society organizations in promoting health awareness programs.

Competitive landscape of UAE fitness equipment market,

UAE Fitness Equipment Market‘Extremely fragmented. The market is booming with unorganized fitness centers that do not offer a wide variety of services and focus heavily on hardcore gym practice due to low space availability and low membership subscription charges. It has several major organized fitness service centers with their own brand chains with approximately fewer outlets as well as many other fitness centers under unorganized fitness service centers. The main competition is conducted through the specialization of services and the provision of additional diversified value-added services such as Pilates, Zumba, Martial Arts, Spa, Jacuzzi, Saloon, Aqua Aerobics, Yoga and more which increase the participation of members in the fitness center. Companies are focusing on launching separate products with innovative advances in fitness equipment to strengthen their position and capture a larger market share.

A significant shift in consumer preferences since COVID-19 has contributed to the rise of the online ecosystem. The expanding virtual fitness market will stimulate the demand for high-quality fitness equipment that can be easily installed at home. In response to the growing home fitness equipment industry, market players are launching digitally connected solutions for customers. Therefore, an important area of ​​competition will be the online visibility of players in the coming years.

UAE Fitness Equipment Market

  • By type End user
  • Commercial fitness centers and health clubs
  • Private fitness center and health club
  • Offices and hotels
  • Universities
  • By Location of production
  • Foreign
  • Domestic
  • According to the type of customer
  • B2B
  • B2C

The main target audience

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributor
  • Retailer
  • Importer
  • Private fitness center
  • Commercial fitness center
  • Health care facilities
  • Hotels and resorts

Duration captured in the report:

  • Historical period: 2016-2021
  • Forecast period: 2021-2026F
  • The main university
  • University of the United Arab Emirates
  • American University of Sharjah
  • Sharjah Abu Dhabi University
  • University Zayed University
  • Khalifa University
  • New York University Abu Dhabi

Key points covered in the report

  • Socio-economic landscape of the United Arab Emirates
  • Overview of UAE Fitness Equipment Market
  • UAE ecosystem of the fitness equipment industry
  • Operating models of fitness equipment distributors in the UAE
  • Market Fitness in UAE Fitness Equipment Industry (Market Revenue and Growth Rate)
  • Market size of UAE fitness equipment industry based on offline fitness equipment industry assessment
  • UAE Fitness Equipment Industry Segmentation (by end user type, by product location, by customer type)
  • Cross comparison of major distributors (revenue generated, number of employees, overall sales volume (units), country served, revenue divided)
  • Company profile of major distributors (company profile, revenue stream, customer type, service offered, main customer, core partnership, strength)
  • SWOT analysis
  • Industrial trends and development
  • Direct and indirect economic impact of the UAE fitness industry
  • Trade scenario based on a value of USD million
  • Government initiative
  • Effects of COVID-19
  • End-user analysis: Clusters of core demand for fitness equipment
  • Identify customer teams in the health and fitness market
  • Consumer mentality for UAE fitness
  • Reasons for customer decision making for fitness center
  • Targeted Markets and Services Addressable Markets in the UAE Health and Fitness Industry
  • Analyst recommendations
  • Art speaks

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