Use SMS Marketing to Get Paid More, Keep Reasonable Hours, and Set Up a Permanent Home Base

Pay more using SMS marketing, keep more reasonable hours and set up a permanent home base

If the Kovid-19 epidemic has taught us anything, it is that our time is precious and there is no freedom to be able to live your days exactly the way you want. With Tatango Platform, yours SMS Marketing campaigns get the fastest delivery speeds, the highest reliability, the strongest security, and most industry experience কারণ all factors that can help you make more money, keep reasonable hours, and build a home base.

Why Use Text Messages for Your Promotion

SMS Text message marketing differs from more traditional marketing and promotion methods such as live mailers, ads, email newsletters, or even social media platforms. The average opening rate for email newsletters is around 22.71%, and the average click-through rate is 2.91%.. SMS and MMS text messages boast a much more impressive number. For example, 78% of consumers Say SMS is the fastest way to reach them.

Pay more using SMS marketing, keep more reasonable hours and set up a permanent home base

Technology and innovation provide flexibility and efficiency and help your business become more efficient so that you can do more (and earn more) in less time without sacrificing the quality of your message. Text message marketing can effectively reach thousands and even millions of subscribers at once. In October 2021 alone, 5 billion text messages were sent. An additional 270 million went out in the days following the election.

Text messages are the perfect channel for marketers to share time-sensitive promotions or information. In fact, more than that 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of receiptWhich makes it a powerful tool to add to your campaign and reach customers.

Pay more using SMS marketing, keep more reasonable hours and set up a permanent home base

SMS And MMS marketing has the added benefit of promoting a personal connection between a campaign and its customers. Sending a text message connects directly to each recipient, as opposed to social media, where everyone sees the same message. Split campaigns allow you to create separate lists for specific groups of customers, such as volunteers, donors, and supporters. Campaigns can use these appropriate lists to reach people based on their position, interests, and past donations. SMS helps campaigners communicate quickly and directly, so they can focus on time-sensitive issues while raising funds to advance their case.

Make more money

With Tatango Platform, quickly and easily cross-list items from your to-do list, schedule future promotions, and connect with your audience to increase support or funding for your promotions. Tatango Clients see an average return (ROI) on an investment of $ 5 for every $ 1 spent on their SMS and MMS marketing campaigns. A more positive cash flow can lead to growth for all your hard work. And time is money, as it is called. So, any opportunity to save time means you are saving (and earning) more money.

Pay more using SMS marketing, keep more reasonable hours and set up a permanent home base

Keep reasonable hours

Significantly reduce the time it takes to create and send marketing messages. Send a text message effortlessly with the Tatango platform.

1. Compose your text messages. Easily create SMS or MMS marketing messages and use our advanced functionality to customize and target your messages.

2. Send your text messages. Share your message instantly with millions of supporters and donors at the click of a button. Or schedule your message in advance using automation to avoid last minute shocks or deadlines.

Pay more using SMS marketing, keep more reasonable hours and set up a permanent home base

3. Track your results. See how many people have received your message, clicked on your message link and donated to your cause This valuable data lets you pivot your campaign based on real-time feedback from your customers.


Set up a permanent home base

2020 Proven businesses must be able to work efficiently with remote workforce. Employees must be able to access and share assets while working from home. The Tatango The platform requires no coding knowledge and can be easily integrated with other services and features, such as subscriber segmenting, message automation, and developer APIs and customizations so you can set it up for your specific needs as a campaign manager. For fundraising, Tatango seamlessly integrates with your website and fundraising software so that you automatically collect customer phone numbers whenever someone fills them out in a web form.

See the Tatango platform in action

Watch the following Tatango SMS Marketing Software demo:

Add Tatango to your 2021 campaign

SMS and MMS text message marketing is a tool that every marketing manager should add to their toolbox to take their campaign to the next level and lose the competition. Work with this powerful platform, and you can pay yourself more, work reasonable hours, and easily set up a permanent home base. To learn more about how Tatango can help you and your SMS marketing campaign improve, Contact text message marketing experts And Tatango today!

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