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Use social media and email marketing together

Social media and email marketingSmart marketers use social media and email marketing together. This article looks at each role in your overall marketing strategy and looks at how to combine them for maximum impact.

The easiest way to categorize these two marketing channels is to think of them as:

Social media is your overall reach

Every time you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, you put your overall message there. You can think of it as a big net casting across your market to find people interested in your offers. This is why we promote the value of daily social media postings.

Each of your social media profiles should have a link to your site. Your post should include a link back to your site. Anytime someone is interested to know more, they can click on your site to see what you have.

Big Tip: It’s important to include a capture form on the site you’re promoting.

Email marketing is your nurture and follow

Once someone visits your site and fills out the capture form, you now have someone who is interested in learning more about what you can do specifically for them. Here’s where email marketing really delivers. You have the opportunity to follow through, build relationships and nurture those relationships so you can drive sales to your business.

Sound simple?

It’s because of it. This method is actually quite simple. When you use social media and email marketing together, you need to be the key to real online marketing success. Compatible.

Constantly posting new content on your social media channels on a daily basis is crucial to your success.

Your # 1 goal on social media is to increase your overall reach. One of the biggest contributing factors is that you consistently provide new content. Success in this arena is not something overnight. It takes time and that continuity. One of our clients recently took up the challenge of posting on a daily basis. On the 6th day, he informed us that his reach was improving and he made a new sale. The only thing that changed this client was that instead of posting “here and there”, or when he had time, he posted on a daily basis and was consistent. She began to see real results in her first week.

The results are not false. When you use social media and email marketing together, you create a funnel.

The first part is that your social media channels are saying “Hey! We’re here! Here’s how we can help!” People will take any number of steps in these posts, including ignoring them, sharing them, liking them, commenting on them, etc. Every time someone shares your post, likes your post, comments on your post, or as a result By following you, you reach.

The next part is when someone who is interested in learning more goes to your web site or capture page. This is where they can request more information and add it to your list.

From there, your automated respondent is responsible for sending you follow-up messages to build relationships, answer questions, and invite them to do business with you.

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